SDLG’s Mini Excavator E680F Makes Exceptional Sales Performance
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Construction machinery has resumed momentum with mini excavators making exceptional sales performance. In Q1 of this year, sales of SDLG’s E680F excavator ranked in the leading position in the industry. The 8-ton mini excavator that meets China III emission standard is equipped with original imported engine. Besides, the optimized and enhanced electronic control system, bucket and driver’s cab have improved its reliability and comfort. 

E680F will bring you more surprises!
YANMAR engine featured by low emissions, fuel consumption and noise
SDLG’s E680F excavator uses YANMAR engine 4TNV98, whose displacement stands at 3.3L and which is the large-displacement engine among 8T excavators. It I the low-speed engine specially calibrated by YANMAR for SDLG’s small excavators. The engine is featured by low fuel consumption and low noise. 
E680F engine is equipped with electronic speed controller, which ensures it has wonderful economical performance while maintaining work efficiency. The special function of automatic return to idling reduces fuel consumption. By pressing down on the control switch and after the leading handle remains static for five seconds, the engine will automatically return to idling operation for some time, thus better protecting the equipment. 
Enhanced working device: lowest failure rate of structural components in the industry 
Considering the CAE analytical result and preliminary design experience, SDLG’s E680F working device uses the high-strength steel boards in its main parts with box structure optimized. After receiving manganese series phosphatizing treatment, the axle sleeve has formed phosphating film to greatly improve the abrasive resistance to better adapt to poor working conditions. 
Besides, the butcher plate and wear-resisting plate on E680F’s bucket use the highly-wear-resisting steel plate with better duration and longer life. The nether frame takes the X shape with better stability. Welding on E680F is made by robots with welding joints precisely tested by flaw detectors. Failure rate of its structural parts is the lowest in the industry. 
SDLG has made structural optimization of the major and small arms of E680F. By making analysis of finite dynamic elements, it reduces the stress to the lowest level. The maximum excavating force reaches 56KN to the largest extent, much higher than devices of the same class in the industry. 
Driver’s cabin with hetero-tube frame: solid and comfortable
SDLG’s E680F driver’s cabin adopts the hetero-tube frame that is solid and durable while offering wide vision. The new plastic interiors, the linked suspension seats with two filtering AC/heating facilities provide comfortable environment for drivers. The silicone rubber grade-three shock absorber further reduces the vibration and shock with good effect and lower noise. 
It is also worth pointing out that SDLG’s E680F realizes the electronic control of accelerator in grades, which can precisely handle operations in different working conditions. The encrypted and upgraded GPS system can position and monitor information in a remote way, which can understand equipment in a real-time way while locking the vehicle at a distance to ensure its safety. 
We spare no efforts to make changes. To better meet the users’ needs and help them create greater value, SDLG has made great efforts in performance and details of E680F excavator to fully secure the great reliability and high returns of products. 
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