SDLG Establishes the Fifth Love and Hope Primary School
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On 26 June, the opening ceremony of SDLG Guo Mingyi Love and Hope Primary School was held at Xinyao Town, Liuzhi Special District, Guizhou Province. It is the fifth hope primary school built by SDLG. It not only supports the development of education career in Liuzhi Special District, but also symbolizes SDLG people' high regards to old generation participating in "the Third-Front Movement".
The opening ceremony of SDLG Guo Mingyi Love and Hope Primary School
More than 20 people from the caring teams of SDLG and Guo Mingyi, and voluntary teams of Guizhou Huawo and Good Driver Club, leaders of local governments at each level attended the opening ceremony, and donated various studying supplies to children. In addition, Guizhou Huawo, a dealer of SDLG, donated a reading room to the hope primary school.
Children receive studying supplies
Liuzhi is a famous base for "the Third-Front Movement". Looking back, constructors of the old generation responded to the nation's call to go to remote mountainous areas. They built factories in impoverished mountains and devoted themselves to production, which is a legendary in the industrial history. Southwest division general manager of SDLG Shan Baoyu said, "This year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of SDLG. The good traditions of old workers of SDLG such as independence and hardworking are precious spiritual fortune of ours even today."
Southwest division general manager of SDLG Shan Baoyu makes a speech
For many years, as a leading enterprise in the engineering machinery industry in China, SDLG has been committed to fulfilling corporate social responsibility. It carried out public welfare activities in three fields including basic education, energy saving and environmental protection, emergency rescue and disaster relief. It promoted public welfare career in cooperation with the full industrial chain including upstream and downstream enterprises, dealers and users. SDLG has been moving forward on the road of building a unique public welfare system in the engineering machinery industry.
A glimpse of SDLG Guo Mingyi Love and Hope Primary School
SDLG had established two hope primary schools in Yimeng old liberated area and Kashgar, Xinjiang. In 2013, together with national moral model Guo Mingyi, SDLG launched "Chinese Good Driver" large scale public welfare activity. It is committed to helping operators to improve occupational ability and encouraging them to attend volunteering activities such as donating money for education and donating blood. Then, SDLG established two hope primary schools in Haicheng, Liaoning Province and Daliang Mountain, Sichuan Province. Plus the hope primary school built in Liuzhi, Guizhou Province, it has established five hope primary schools in total, and donated more than 2 million yuan in infrastructure construction.
Guo Mingyi Caring Team SDLG Branch
In addition, SDLG made a unique initiative in the field of public welfare. It not only donated money, but also encouraged the whole industrial chain to take part and transfer the concept of public welfare to more people. Office chief of Guo Mingyi Caring Team Bai Hongchuan said, "The way of gradually pushing forward turned out to be amazing. Many drivers became volunteers. They took initiative to help others and turned themselves from beneficiaries of public welfare to active activists."
SDLG will work together with local users and continuously care about the development of five hope primary schools. Through a series of visiting, interaction and heart-warming activities, it will give caring and support to children and create a good atmosphere for the life and study of children and ensure their health development.
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