SDLG L989F Wheel Loader - Giant at Job Sites
Release Date: 2017.06.27 Views: 879
  A certain port located in Dalian city in Liaoning province in Northeast China has a huge cargo handling capacity. Within unit time,  it has to deal with streams of ships discharging cargoes, creating mounting pressure on corresponding logistics companies. To help solve the problem, SDLG immediately provided a L989F wheel loader for a trial. The impressive performance of the machine earned clients' satisfaction. As a result, clients decided to buy one more such machine.
The construction site
  What advantages does a L989F wheel loader enjoy? It is the largest wheel loader model available with SDLG now. It is equipped with a low-speed, large-torque and three-phase emission engine, which is powerful, reliable and low in fuel consumption. It is energy-saving and effective, thanks to its SDLG patented box-type radiating and cooling system and intelligent-control fan rotation velocity. Its new generation of anti-rolling cab designed in line with human engineering is soundly sealed up, safe and comfortable, offering ideal solutions to material transportation at various job sites for ports and mines.
L989F wheel loader
  SDLG L989F is put into operation across Fuxin, a city known for its rich resources especially its huge coal reserve. In April this year, a certain mine in this city purchased six SDLG L978F wheel loaders, whose efficient complete appliance and comfortable operation have earned favorable feedback from clients.Soon in May, the customer purchased another two L989Fs to inject new energy to the operation of its mine.
The construction site
  SDLG products have stood up to the test of time with their outstanding quality. In particular, in SDLG's fleet L989F has gradually conquered the market that used to be dominated by imported equipment. SDLG's large products epitomized by L989F will gain access to every large construction site throughout China!