New Favorite of the Green Age – New LNG Loader of Shandong Lingong
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Shandong Lingong’s new LNG loader offers extraordinary performance in reliability, safety, energy economy and intelligence.

At Shanxi Liheng, the powerful 5-ton L956-LNG loader was ready for a high-intensity task, and what’s waiting for it was a complicated construction site, which, however, was not difficult for L956-LNG.

L956-LNG is a new-generation LNG loader elaborately created by Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (SDLG) which, supported by SDLG’s mature 5T mining-type platform, features high breakout force, high stability and extraordinary performance in energy saving and environmental protection like highly reduced fuel consumption and carbon emission due to the use of LNG as the fuel. “L956-LNG incorporates the technology of SDLG mining loader 956 and adopts the long wheel base of 3.2 meters, thus can effectively adapt to various working conditions for steelmaking, coal, port and logistics, etc.,” said Wang Yong, director of the Loader Research Institute of SDLG

General Manager Wen Degang of SDLG (left) and Director Wang Yong of SDLG Loader Research Institute Checking Products

Reliability and stability is the footstone for construction machinery, and SDLG has made enough efforts in ensuring product reliability. L956-LNG adopts reinforced front and rear frames and the designed service life of the working equipment exceeds 10,000 hours; moreover, adopting SDLG’s independently-developed reinforced gearbox and driving axle, it features mature and reliability structure and stable performance. Caring for people and minimizing the driver’s fatigue is the persistent pursuit of SDLG for products. “Supported by SDLG’s unique three-stage shock absorption technology and industry-leading sound isolation and noise reduction technologies, as well as the closed ergonomic cab and advanced hydraulic pilot control technology, L956-LNG enjoys guaranteed driving comfort,” said Wang Yong.

The top priority for the designers of SDLG is always safety performance for any design. Adopting world-famous brand of LNG auto boost gas cylinder system which is safe and reliable, L956-LNG features extremely scientific and rational gas pipe layout, which can effectively avoid abrasion and damage while facilitating the inspection and maintenance; adopting the anti-overcharge safety control technology, it can effectively prevent safety risks due to overcharging. Furthermore, “L956-LNG is equipped with rear-view reversing system, which, besides reversing image, also features two rear-view convex lenses in addition to the original rear-view mirrors, thus providing the driver with a full range of vision to avoid handicaps and emergencies,” emphasized Wang Yong.

On the basis of ensured safety, SDLG also closely follows the trend of the times to fly its own colors in intelligent design. L956-LNG adopts the smart vehicle control system featuring in-depth integration and smart man-machine interaction system. The smart vehicle control system is powerful in that it can achieve in-depth integration with the engine control system and gas cylinder control system to monitor and display the operation of the engine and the gas cylinder in real time, thus allowing the operator to master the operation status of the whole vehicle in real time. “The user can conveniently inspect and maintain the whole vehicle, the engine and the gas cylinder via the SIEDIA fault detection interface,” said Wang Yong. 

Energy saving and high efficiency are the highly valued strengths of L956-LNG which adopts SDLG’s unique energy balancing system for cold and hot gases that can save the energy of the vehicle by 7% in addition to that saved due to the use of LNG. Moreover, L956-LNGis designed with SDLG’s patented heat radiation structure, namely, the double-layer serial and parallel layout of radiator core, which effectively improves the cooling efficiency of the engine; the adoption of the one-piece welded framework further reinforces the reliability of the vehicle; and the design of the rear layer that can be opened by rotation greatly facilitates the maintenance. “L956-LNG is equipped with the LNG engine of a famous domestic brand and SDLG’s third-generation of energy saving technologies, so it can improve the energy saving efficiency by over 30% and the emission of hazardous substances like carbonates and particles by at least 70% over diesel-fueled loaders in the same working conditions,” said Wang Yong confidently.

“The country advocates energy saving and environmental protection and requires enterprises to develop in an innovative and green manner, so high requirements for environmental protection and energy saving have been proposed for mechanical products, and in such a context, L956-LNG driven by LNG will have a brilliant future. Adhering to the consistent principle of ‘energy saving and environmental protection’, SDLG will make it our persistent pursuit to provide customers with more reliable, energy-saving and environment-friendly new products,” said Wang Yong.

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