F-series Machines of SDLG Yielded Unusually Brilliant Results on AGRO 2017 in Ukraine
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Ukraine has a good reputation for “the granary of Europe” due to its developed industry and agriculture with the value of agricultural production accounting for 20% of its gross domestic product. Contributions made by Ukrainian agriculture to the world have becoming increasingly important for the reason that Ukraine has boosted the development of such infrastructures as storage, ports and railways, food deep processing investment as well as safe and high-quality food export trade through agriculture.
On June 7, the 29th International Agricultural Exhibition-Fair AGRO 2017 was held in the International Exhibition Center in Kiev, and more than 1200 exhibitors from 21 countries and regions all over the world have attended the exhibition.
Reception desk of SDLG exhibition area
As one of the Chinese brand pioneers in the engineering machinery market of Ukraine, Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (SDLG) has always carried the great trust of Ukraine in its agricultural development for more than a decade because the company is reliable and worthy of the trust of every client.
Clients examined the trial run
SDLG, together with its Ukrainian agent TDC GROUP attended the exhibition and put its brand new F-series loaders on display that could meet the requirements of high unloading in accordance with the demand of agricultural client groups as well as G-series land levelers used in agriculture that represent China’s advanced level, thus bringing instruments of production of high reliability and high cost performance for agricultural clients in Ukraine.
Clients experienced F-series loaders
Brand new F-series loaders of SDLG have currently been launched on the market of Ukraine in an overall manner. Sound-off cabs of the people-oriented safety cabin, frames designed with extreme performance and highly sophisticated power and hydraulic system matching will provide clients with health care and comfortable experience.
Clients visited the exhibits
It represents their higher expectations for SDLG when the clients choose the company each time. On the market of Ukraine, we provide every client with after-market services beyond their expectations. SDLG that promotes sound development of the industry all the time, has always attached the same importance to after-market services as complete machine sales. We are committed to providing high-quality products that represent the image of “made in China” for our clients, and will also always be devoted to providing our clients with service support without worries!
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