SDLG’s Business in the Balkan Region Ushered a Fresh New Start
Release Date: 2017.06.13 Views: 578

In May, the official launch of JASMIN M D.O.O., SDLG’s client experience center in the Balkan region, indicates that SDLG has further deepened and promoted its overall arrangement of overseas channels and will provide zero-distance experiential services for each overseas client with all its heart along the pace of “One Belt, One Road”.

JASMIN M D.O.O. is equipped with sales experience zone of thousands of square meters, parts depot of two thousand square meters, a large parking lot of thousands of square meters in order to create the best full-course high-quality experience with world-class standards for our clients. The sales service support network all over the Balkan region provides our clients with first-time door-to-door service. And as the only authorized service provider of DEUTZ AG and Rexroth in the Balkan region, it can provide the after-market support with German quality for our clients.

Whether it is Croatia located in the northwest of Balkan Peninsula, Republic of Montenegro located in the midwest of Balkan Peninsula, or adjacent Albania, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, they can now experience the officially authorized services of SDLG delivered to their doors, thus providing strong support for the extension and expansion of “One Belt, One Road” in the Balkan region.

As the strategic partner of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), SDLG started the research and development of energy-saving products as early as 2006, and launched the first-generation energy-saving products as well as the second-generation energy-conservation products in 2009 and 2011 successively, thus becoming the benchmark of energy conservation in the industry. It then pushed out its brand new F-series products in 2015 that are integrated with the technology of environmental protection and energy conservation as well as   the technology of intelligent control, thus becoming the forerunner of “made in China” and leading the trend of green development of China’s economy in the construction machinery industry.

The path of energy conservation never stops. On the market of Balkan region, SDLG has always adhered to the consistent long-term market planning, made energy conservation and emission reduction its mission and pushed out such products as L948 and L958F whose configurations conform to Europe's three-stage emission engines as well as a series of high-end security configurations to local clients, thus making reliable contributions to the sustainable development of our shared homeland.

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