SDLG Attends the Largest Agricultural Machinery and Logistics Equipment ExpoAgro Activa
Release Date: 2017.06.08 Views: 695
At the end of May, the Agroactiva, the largest and the most influential Agricultural Machinery and Logistics Equipmentexpo in Argentina, was unveiled in Buenos Aires Province. SDLG attended the expo with models such as LG916, LG918, and LG938 loaders and G9190 graders.
As a representative of new products that SDLG brought to Argentina, the LG916 loader was a highlight of the expo. On the basis of the market analysis, in order to adapt to the actual situation of the agriculture industry of Argentina, SDLG particularly developed a small scale loader-LG916. This model is mainly used for loading and unloading loose materials. The whole machine is impact and flexible in operation, with high operation efficiency. It is more suitable for operation in small sites. It can be widely applied in places such as ranches, lumber yards and urban construction sites. In Argentina where farming and stock breeding industries are very robust, this model attracted great attention in the show.
Another highlight of SDLG's exhibits was the grader G9190 equipped with a variable system. This model has different output power that can be selected according to different situation, to meet demands of various kinds of working situation. At lowgear, it can reduce losses and save energy; at high gear, it has strong driving force and can increase working efficiency.
With the turnaround of the engineering machinery market in Latin America, Argentina has become the top priority in the Latin America market. SDLG, as the leading enterprise in the engineering machinery industry in China, surely will put importance on Argentina, to realize its global strategy.
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