Rainbow Comes after a Storm and Work Together with SDLG to Achieve Success
Release Date: 2017.04.26 Views: 529

SDLG Russian Good Driver Big Scale Social Welfare Activity Officially Launches

Although the influence of global economic crisis and upheaval is still lingering, after the successful holding of SDLG Russian Good Driver Big Scale Social Welfare Activity in 2016, the 2017 SDLG Russian Good Driver Activity has been carried out in Russia from the south to the north, with the aim of fulfilling social responsibility, and carrying forward industry positive energy. The first leg was held in Rostov, an important city in South Federal District, on 20th April.

The modern building, situated aside the M4 road, is a flagship shop recently established by RBA company, a Russian agent of SDLG, in Rostov. On the back of the two-storey office building, occupying an area of nearly 1,000 square meters, are eight independent maintenance shops and assembly warehouses, equipped with medium and large scale service vehicles. The branch company can provide comprehensive sales and service support solutions to customers in neighboring areas.
On the launching ceremony, Yevskini Robking, general manager of RBA Company Rostov Branch, delivered a warm speech. He expressed his gratitude to SDLG for its consistent support on Russian market, especially the southern market. The first leg of the 2017 Good Driver Public Welfare Activity will be held in Rostov. This is a positive response to improved market sentiment, and good wish of SDLG on Russian market. Rostov Branch Company, as the core of the south area, can fully meet the demand of the market and customers in whole vehicles, maintenance and storage of spare parts. Meanwhile, Robking expressed his heartfelt gratitude to contestants and customers who attended the activity, and hoped that drivers can take concrete action and carry forward social responsibility.

Representative from SDLG Zhang Lei emphatically introduced the development course of SDLG. He particularly mentioned that 2017 marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of SDLG. During 45 years, SDLG has adhered to the core concept of "Efficiency utmost, leading technology" and deemed it its duty to meet the demand of customers. Having operated in Russian market for more than ten years, SDLG and RBA Company witnessed each other's development course. All this is attributable to trust and support of every customer. SDLG puts emphasis on the development of loaders, excavators and road machinery as well as market exploitation. With the continuous development of Russian economy, SDLG and RBA Company will be committed to providing products and services with more economic value to Russian customers. In May, SDLG will launch F series loader products in Russia across the board, and continue to lead technology renewal revolution in the loader market in Russia.

In the customer questions phase, representatives of SDLG and representatives of RBA Company listened carefully to opinions and suggestions of customers, and said that they will forge ahead with determination to improve after-sales service and provide more product options, and will never fail to live up to new and old customers' expectation.

Then, sales representatives of RBA Company introduced small, medium and large scale loaders, graders, road rollers and backhoe loaders on the activity site, and obtained several orders for big products, and more than ten orders for conventional products.

At Rostov, more than 50 professional driver contestants from more than 30 companies in Rostov and neighboring areas attended the competition. After the preliminary test including actual operation and conventional maintenance, about 24 contestants secured their passage to the final. Some contestants are veterans working in coal mines in Donbass Area in the West Russia. Some are confident young people that just started working in the Volga River Region. Their smiling faces reflected confidence of engineering machinery practitioners in Russia in economic development. After three rounds of fierce competition, Alexander, a young man in Rostov, won the competition. He gained not only the prize of a 42-inch ultra-thin LED TV, but also a ticket of Vip Tour of SDLG with excellent marks.