Expedition in Latin America — SDLG’s Grader Wins Trust
Release Date: 2017.05.03 Views: 570

At the end of April, as one of the Latin American markets where SDLG's loaders and excavators sold the best, SDLG's Chilean distributors launched a promotion meeting and test drive campaign on grader in the capital city Santiago, where Andre, as the representative, introduced two graders G9190 and G9220 developed specially for the Latin American markets to customers, and accepted the interview of local media. Andre said that, to meet the needs of local customers, SDLG has specially adjusted the hydraulic system and operating system of the grader, which has greatly improved the product efficiency and control performance.

At the beginning of 2015, when SDLG decided to officially launch grader products in Latin America, André Luís Puquevicz, as VOLVO's product experts in Latin America, still doubted that "VOLVO's grader business has been frustrated in the market and eventually has to close its grader factory, so can SDLG's grader products meet the growing critical demand of the customers? And with the competition of other international brands, can SDLG's products stand out from the crowd?" However, after two years of validation and development, SDLG's grader has won the trust of more distributors and customers due to its excellent quality and performance.
After a period of two years, SDLG's grader has successfully opened the major markets in Latin America, including Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Bolivia, Mexico and other countries through its excellent quality and technology.

The engineering and technical personnel from Chile road construction departments and the representatives from SK-RENTAL, a large equipment leasing company, participated in the product promotion and took a test drive of SDLG's grader products. They thought SDLG's grader products have well integrated the grader technology of VOLVO, and their working efficiency and maneuverability can be comparable with some Western grader brands. SDLG's grader has won the confidence of more Latin American customers, and also contributed more for infrastructure construction of Latin America.

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