SDLG launches F-series wheel loaders in Middle East and Africa
Release Date: 2017.04.25 Views: 650

The new F-series wheel loaders from SDLG offer high performance, reliability and optimized maintenance intervals, backed up by a world-class support network.

SDLG has launched four wheel loaders for Middle Eastern and African markets as part of its new F-series. The L953F, L956F, L958F and L968F wheel loaders feature a modern design and a host of technical enhancements, resulting in a range that exceeds customer requirements.

“Customers are increasingly demanding reliable construction equipment at affordable prices,” says SDLG product manager Henrik Sjöstrand. “This is SDLG’s specialty. This new range has been specially engineered for high productivity and reliability, and will provide customers with an excellent return on investment.”

The release of this new range is timely, as large-scale infrastructure projects, as well as quarrying, continue to operate at strong levels in both the Middle East and Africa.

Synergy of style and substance
“The most noticeable difference is the design of the new machines,” says Sjöstrand. “The larger cab design adds 20% more glazing for improved visibility, safety and efficiency. Superior air conditioning has also been added for greater operator comfort, while the single joystick guarantees precise, easy and comfortable operation of the loader arm and bucket, reducing operator fatigue.”

Behind the new design are a number of technical improvements for enhanced productivity, reliability and uptime.

A high breakout force and a new bucket design provide improved productivity and ease of operation. The machines’ bucket volumes range from 3.0m3 in the L953F to 3.5m3 in the L968F. In addition, a wide range of attachments are available to ensure versatility.

The machines also feature an improved axle design for added support. Where the rear drive axle on the L-series is mounted to the auxiliary frame, the F-series’ rear drive axles are mounted to the swing frame, providing larger oscillation and better stability and traction.

When it comes to engine capability, the F-series uses the powerful and efficient 6-cylinder Weichai engine. This is matched to a new SDLG transmission, which delivers maximum torque from the engine to the wheels. The smaller F-series models (L953F and L956F) have been fitted with the SDLG BX50 transmission, which has marked improvements in reliability and durability. The larger models (L958F and L968F) have been fitted with the new SDLG VRT200 transmission, which offers an 8% increase in comprehensive efficiency over the older ZF 4WG200. Maintenance is also more convenient for the VRT200 compared to the 4WG200; not only can the transmission and transfer case be separated on the SDLG model, it also contains an external pump for easy access.

“The new series has been designed to ensure that service and maintenance can be handled easily, with excellent accessibility throughout the machine,” adds Sjöstrand. “Easier and more affordable maintenance is something our Middle Eastern and African customers are increasingly demanding. So, we’ve optimized the maintenance intervals to provide greater uptime, with parts availability that is much more affordable. This is backed up by SDLG’s superb dealer network, which is ready to support its customers’ maintenance and repair needs when required.”

“We have already received a great deal of interest in the new series,” concludes Sjöstrand. “We expect its specifications to exceed the demands of our customers. Those looking for high-performing, reliable, easily operable and cost-effective wheel loader need look no further than SDLG.”