The Royal Police Choose SDLG Loader
Release Date: 2017.03.27 Views: 583
SDLG products in the Gulf countries with good market performance are more and more recognized by customers. Dealer also pays more attention to the Key Accounts business; It drives SDLG products into more and more large companies and even the governmental organizations.
Customized as customer requirements
Following with some big contractors deals in the Gulf countries in 2016, SDLG products also chosen by the Royal Police and batch purchased, for emergency relief work this time.
Colonel Khalifa from Royal police department(right)
Mr. Khalifa Said, “SDLG products with a reliable market performance in the Gulf region gives a high brand awareness of SDLG brand. This time factory also modified the machines according our needs for special condition of emergency rescue and disaster relief, to ensure product reliability, high efficiency and applicability, these are important reasons why we decided to purchase SDLG products.”
SDLG won this deal among some European and American brands, showed SDLG products customers’ satisfaction and influence in the market." the local dealers General Manager Ahmed said, "you know the Gulf countries government have enough budget to purchase products of Europe and America brands. This is the first time for Chinese brand won this kind of deal, it will be a milestone for our Key Accounts business in this area.
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