Success up North
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SDLG wheel loaders are proving their worth for several of Canada’s rural municipalities.

When it comes to government equipment, machines that strike a balance between value and versatility are key. It’s for this reason that SDLG wheel loaders have become a viable option for several municipalities in Canada, especially for road project, material handling and snow removal. 

Sarnia, a municipality in the Saskatchewan region, is using a 2.4 y3 capacity SDLG LG938L for loading gravel for roadwork, snow removal and waste management to great effect.

Kevin Fry, territory manager at Saskatchewan-based Redhead Equipment, from which the machine was purchased, said that Sarnia had originally been in the market for a used machine, but opted for a brand new SDLG wheel loader because of its value pricing and solid warranty.

“Sarnia doesn’t have to run a wheel loader 24/7, it just needs to complete individual projects in a timely manner, and needs a loader ready to go in a moment’s notice,” he said. “It may only get 300 hours of work a year, so it makes good sense for the region to purchase an SDLG wheel loader, which costs less than premium machines.”

SDLG wheel loaders also proved an ideal choice for Caledonia, another municipality in Saskatchewan. Like Sarnia, the region purchased an LG938L, mostly for loading gravel for road projects. It’s working in gravel pits and utilizing the machine’s quick-attach forks for loading. Additionally, Caledonia will use the wheel loader for snow removal, come winter.

Redhead Equipment was again the dealer that provided the SDLG wheel loader to Caledonia. Ryan Marwick, territory manager for the region, said the municipality based its decision to buy SDLG on value pricing and the nature of the work.

“The rural municipality of Caledonia was looking at several competing wheel loader options, but it just couldn’t justify spending twice as much money for a premium machine,” he said. “It’s only going to get some 500 hours of work each year, so it doesn’t need to run constantly to pay for itself. So far, the reports about the machine are very positive, even comparing its quality to more expensive loaders sold by market leading North American brands—it’s a great bang for their buck.”

Richard Linton, reeve of the municipality, reported that the wheel loader has turned out to be a great purchase. “The RM of Caledonia is very impressed with the SDLG wheel loader,” he said. “It has performed above and beyond the RM’s expectations. We are happy with our decision to go with SDLG.”


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