New SDLG dealer and West Coast distribution center
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Consumer demand has driven the need for SDLG to expand its operations on the West Coast of North America.

PacWest Machinery is the latest company to join SDLG’s ever-expanding roster of dealers. The Seattle, Washington-based seller of construction equipment will begin offering the brand’s wheel loaders immediately. PacWest will also become a new distribution center to facilitate the brand’s growth on the West Coast.

Jolene Logue, president of PacWest, said her company decided to offer SDLG products to give customers an attractive value option, especially those that might use the machine seasonally or for applications that don’t require many cycle hours.

“Many of our customers are looking for solutions for their low-hour applications,” she said. “By adding SDLG to our portfolio, we can provide them with a value alternative wheel loader that doesn’t require as big a capital investment as a premium machine. Also, we can provide an option for those that might typically buy a used loader, but give them a new model that is backed by a warranty.”

Logue also expects customers to embrace SDLG’s versatility, as they have proven themselves already in snow removal, road rehabilitation, landscaping and numerous other applications. She also expects municipal/governmental interest, with SDLG wheel loaders being offered through the HGAC (Houston Galveston Area cooperative) and NJPA (National Joint Powers Association) cooperative purchasing programs.

PacWest Machinery will sell SDLG wheel loaders from all four of its locations:

Portland, Oregon; Eugene, Oregon; Spokane, Washington; and Seattle, Washington, where the company is headquartered. PacWest is a division of Joshua Green

Corporation, a privately held company with interests in manufacturing, real estate, distribution and the food industry.

New West Coast distribution center

In addition to selling SDLG wheel loaders, PacWest will also become the company’s new West Coast distribution center. This new center will help SDLG keep logistical costs down and inventory more current for customers and dealers in the region. It will be the company’s second distribution center, with the first located near Atlanta, Georgia.

“The growth of SDLG on the West Coast has been significant enough that we have opened up a new distribution center to meet the demand,” explained Al Quinn, director of SDLG North America. “This will enable us to better serve both our customers and dealers in the region through a logistical system that can deliver wheel loaders—both stock and customized—quicker than before.”

The distribution center at PacWest will stage SDLG wheel loaders coming from China at its Seattle location, inspecting the machines and preparing them for delivery in the U.S. It will also perform modifications to machines for dealers or customers before they are delivered, such as fitting the machines with unique attachments or tires.

SDLG’s partnership with PacWest Machinery keeps with the brand’s strategy to partner with expert dealerships that know their customer bases well and can provide superior service,” Quinn said. “PacWest has a keen grasp on the typical SDLG customer and will be great at offering them an ideal wheel loader solution. And with the company becoming our new West Coast distribution center, we are looking at a long and productive business relationship together.”


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