New journey, LG916 expedition in Argentina
Release Date: 2017.02.16 Views: 399
In February 10, 2017, as the annual agent meeting successfully held in Argentina, SDLG LG916 launched at Argentina market, start the new journey of small loader in the Latin American market.
 Since SDLG officially entered the Argentina market in 2009, with constantly improve the product line. Currently more than 10 kinds of product sold in Argentina market, including “shovel, dig, level, roller”, achieve product series full coverage, the LG916 further expand product range in Argentina market.

LG916 loader is designed for loading and unloading loose material, the entire machine is compact, flexible in operation, with high working efficiency, machine widely used for Agriculture, animal husbandry and small building construction.

Argentina is one of the most important construction machinery markets in Latin America, also one of the most intense competition market for Chinese product, Chinese product occupy 80% of the market share. Agricultural production plays an important role in the national economy, the annual grain output reach 40 million tons, the export value of agricultural and livestock products nearly $24 billion. Argentina GDP up to 213 billion, Agricultural contribution occupy about 30%.
 To better fit the Argentine agricultural conditions, SDLG R&D team make multiple differential design for LG916 after comprehensive market research. Redesigned air filter system, braking system, cab, bucket and unloading height improvement, better to meet customer diversity demand.

With the launch of LG916, we firmly believe SDLG will make greater achievements in Argentina!
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