Beating back Winter Storm Jonas
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The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) used eight SDLG wheel loaders to tackle the biggest winter storm of the year.

Record snowfalls fell on the state of New Jersey in the wake of Winter Storm Jonas. Some regions reported that more than two feet of snow accumulated in a single day. The massive amount of precipitation meant that every vehicle in the state’s snow removal fleet would be commissioned for the cleanup, including eight SLDG wheel loaders.

Steve Butkus, crew supervisor for the NJDOT, said the wheel loaders excelled during the storm cleanup due to their toughness and ease of use.

“When Winter Storm Jonas hit, I was suddenly responsible for clearing 24 in of snow from 150 mil of highway,” he said. “The SDLG LG948L was our primary machine all through the process, running 24 hours a day to get the people of New Jersey moving again. It not only performed well, but did so comfortably, thanks to its intuitive controls.”

In total, the NJDOT rented eight 3.0 yd3 capacity LG948Ls for the winter season. They were chosen because the seasonal nature of the job often doesn’t warrant extensive use. Additionally, snow removal often involves corrosive materials, such as large amounts of salt, so it made more sense to let a less expensive wheel loader absorb the punishment.

“We put the SDLG loaders to the test, moving very close to 1,000 USt of salt during the storm,” Butkus said. “We wouldn’t even attempt this kind of punishing work with a premium loader, but SDLG strikes the right balance between performance and affordability.”

Of course, subjecting machines to such corrosive materials comes with risk, but that risk is mitigated by their 12-month,2,000-hour warranty.

The NJDOT rented the eight SDLG wheel loaders from Penn Jersey Machinery. The company has been in business since 1983, providing a range of construction equipment for both sale and rent. It operates three main branches in Lionville, Pennsylvania; Deptford, New Jersey; and Somerville, New Jersey. Nick Tullo, sales manager for SDLG North America, said Winter Storm Jonas proved to be a great test for the loaders. “The cleanup after Jonas was one of the fi rst projects that the NJDOT used its rental fl eet of SDLG wheel loaders for, and it proved to be quite a challenge—a challenge that SDLG passed with ease,” he said. “This kind of work shows the tough nature of SDLG wheel loaders and how they can stand up to the most rigorous of applications.”

An SDLG LG948L works to clear snow amid a heavy downpour during Winter Storm Jonas.

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