SDLG`s CE New Products are Launched in the Turkish Market
Release Date: 2017.01.23 Views: 349

During the period from June 1st to 5th of 2016, ANKOMAK was held in Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey. The exhibition is subject to a major construction machinery exhibition in Eurasia, next to Bauma in Germany and Intermat in France. In recent years, there have been more than 350 exhibitors in each occasion, and the number of attendees even exceeds 25,000.

After the successful launch of CE LG958L during the Ankara International Construction Machinery Exhibition last year, SDLG continues to deliver a spectacular blow this year by attending the exhibition with three of its CE products, namely L948, L968F, and G9190, which indicates that, the three products of SDLG have been launched in the Turkish market officially through this large exhibition. Till now, the situation of a series of loading machineries has formed for SDLG in the Turkish market; breakthroughs have been made in the field of road machineries.

L948 and L968F, of 4t and 6t respectively, are two loading products of SDLG that have been designed specifically for the Turkish market. Through the unremitting efforts of the R&D team of SDLG, major breakthroughs have been made in terms of safety and noise control so that the products are fully in compliance with the CE standards. Besides, during the design of this series, a large sum of advanced techniques and design concepts have been applied so that the products could feature high reliability, convenient operation, strong power and high efficiency.

Ever since the year 2013, the Turkish government has successively announced a series of highway expansion and pavement maintenance projects. By focusing on the Turkish market, SDLG has developed a CE high-power Motor Grader by taking into full consideration of creating more values for the customers while laying emphasis on the high quality and reliability. Once appearing in the exhibition, G9190 has greatly attracted the overwhelming majority of customers. It is believed that, after being verified by the market, this product will soon earn the trust of our customers, and become a reliable helper for fellow project contractors.

During recent years, SDLG has been making full efforts on exploring the overseas market and becoming a leading Chinese construction machinery brand in the international market. With products of supreme quality, SDLG will serve for the Turkish customers on a timely and highly-efficient basis and offer them the best construction solutions.


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