SDLG kick starts 2017 with annual business conference
Release Date: 2017.01.09 Views: 1527

 Under the theme ‘Opportunity, Innovation and Cooperation’, SDLG organized a business conference for more than 400 dealers and service provider representatives on January 4th. At the event – which was held at the company’s headquarters in Linyi, China – SDLG’s senior management team reiterated the importance of continuous improvement and vowed to make further contributions to the industry in 2017.

SDLG made significant progress in boosting its operational efficiency and transforming its strategic marketing model in 2016. The ‘two drivers, one goal’ policy advocated by Wong Zhizhong, Chairman of SDLG, has laid a strong foundation for a successful business, i.e. strengthening marketing efforts while improving operational efficiency and quality. Last year, the company received the much sought-after China Quality Award and claimed a spot on the list of China’s 500 most valuable brands, with a brand value of around 19.9 billion yuan.

Wong Zhizhong, Chairman of SDLG

SDLG’s achievements in 2016 are the cumulative results from the company’s effort to adopt stricter quality controls, lean production, innovative technology and a flexible management style,” said Wong. “2017 will be a defining year for SDLG as we take a further stride forward with effective performance management and reap the benefits from our transformation work.”

A new wave of opportunities

President of SDLG Yu Mengsheng sees 2017 as a turnaround year for the construction equipment sector after a five-year decline. He believes the positive effects of China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ economic policy and the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei start to kick in. The former is the Chinese government’s latest economic strategy to connect the nation with 65 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe through land and sea routes. The policy has laid out five areas - infrastructure, trade, policy, finance and people – of cooperation with countries along the ancient trade route, the Silk Road.

Yu Mengsheng, President of SDLG

Despite a 13% decrease in the sales of wheel loaders in China last year, SDLG is generally optimistic about the outlook for 2017. The demand for wheel loaders, excavators and other road building equipment is predicted to rise.

Recent years have also seen SDLG pioneer the development of energy saving technology in China, with machines that consume about 10% less than other Chinese equivalents.

“As more companies look to replace obsolete machines with energy saving models, which adhere to stricter emission standards in the industry, the demand for SDLG machines is expected  to increase, providing ample opportunity for the company to grow,” said Yu.

General Manager of SDLG Wen Degang presented the annual report 2016

Closer partnership with dealers

As the equipment market sees steady revival, SDLG also seeks to provide stronger on-site support and expertise to the dealer network.

“The path to recovery might be full of uncertainties, but SDLG will spare no effort to break new ground and seize opportunities to grow,” said Yu.