[User Comments] Iron Powder Factory Favors SDLG Loaders
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After growing for more than ten years, the iron powder factory run by Mr. Bai is now the largest one of its kind in Pingshan County. The 955F loaders of SDLG drove between the piles of iron powder and trucks. Their yellow arms lifted and fell frequently. Mr. Bai said,”Over the past decade, I have purchased and used almost all loader brands in the market. However, the SDLG loaders I am using meet my demands most. I cherish SDLG equipment because they are durable and robust.”

Since purchasing the first SDLG loader in 2013, he has purchased seven SDLG loaders in total over the past five years and more. Mr. Bai said, “We use the new equipment as much as possible in the first two years. After they operate for 10,000 hours and if the fault rate rises too high, we consider replacing them.”

He said the iron powder is featured by large density and heavy weight. When the work is busy, he has to work 24 hours a day. Even worse, the powder factory has very poor environment. Even if the water spray is used to reduce the dust, almost all equipment, regardless of the brand, would be covered with a layer of iron powder after being used for two months. It seems that they have been used for two years in appearance. “At present, we require the loaders should be durable and robust, having convenient maintenance.

 “I purchased SDLG loader in 2013 because I saw many iron powder factories were using this brand. At that time, I was just purchasing it to see if it works”, he said. The equipment lived up to the expectations. “Almost all SDLG equipment get into the replacement period after they are used for more than 15,000 hours. They are prominent in durable and robust performance. Besides, SDLG machines are easy to maintain and it is convenient for drivers to operate them.”

Mr. Bai has used SDLG loaders for five years, making purchase for three more times. He said he was most impressed by the robust and durable performance of SDLG loaders which also have very low fault rate. “In the first two years, the fault rate was almost zero. Each year, I would spend less than 10,000 CNY per year on repair and maintenance of SDLG products”, he said,

“In one word, SDLG loaders are better than products of other brands.” In particular, the drivers who have been working in the factory for nearly 10 years “love driving SDLG machines because they are really comfortable to use.”

In addition, SDLG provides the best after-sales service. Even though there is no problem, SDLG staff would visit our factory occasionally to see the operations of the equipment, checking them to eliminate the small faults that might lead to big ones. Under their guidance, the drivers know some skills of using and maintaining the products so that our equipment last longer. 

“They have low rate of faults, they are durable and robust. And the after-sales service is wonderful. They are just what we need”, said Mr. Bai. When purchasing loaders in the future, “We will definitely purchase SDLG brand.”

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