SDLG Snow Removers
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Headquarters of Gleason Johndrow Landscaping and Snow Management are located in Springfield of Massachusetts. In an all year round way, it provides clients with professional property maintenance service, including counseling in the beginning and installation in the end, etc.

In each winter, the company would make large-scale snow-removing operations. The latest operation was finalized by the fleet of SDLG’s wheeled loaders.

According to President Anthony Gleason, the company used to purchase secondhand wheeled loaders. However, after comparing the investment returns and cost-effectiveness, they decided to purchase new machines of SDLG.

He believes that, compared with the all-new SDLG wheeled loaders, the cost of repairing and debugging secondhand machines is much higher. However, the all-new SDLG wheeled loaders can be put into use at any time, and receive support from warranty policies.

Best choice of snow-removing operations

Snow-removing operations in winter are integral part of winter business of Gleason Johndrow Landscaping. The company decided to use SDLG’s wheeled loaders in the snow-removing operations. In addition to the cost-effectiveness of the machines, it also has confidence in the convenience and and mobility of maintaining and repairing the machine.

In total, the company has purchased 12 SDLG wheeled loaders to make snow-removing operations, five of which are L918F compact wheeled loaders. They have exceptional performance in narrow working zones such as parking lots and urban streets. Besides, the company also purchases seven L938F loaders suitable for various landscaping & greening operations.

About the product

L918F loader has compact structure, whose bucket capacity reaches 1.3m3. Covering small space and with high mobility, it is convenient to preserve the operation site. L938F loader is a small front-end loader, whose bucket capacity is 2.5m3. L918F and L938L enjoy the senior warranty support in the entire leasing period.

Gleason Johndrow said, “We had a snowstorm recently. When making snow-removing operations, SDLG’s wheeled loaders had very satisfying performance. Guided by Tyler Equipment, dealer of SDLG stationed in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, we have taken a correct path towards the maximum returns on investment. ”

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