[User Comments] Why 90% of Over 50 Excavator Owners Are SDLG Products?
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In 2013, Wang Liming started his excavator business in Lanzhou and his first equipment was 60 excavator of SDLG. Five years has passed, Wang started to “purchase large tonnage products”. In 2017, he purchased SDLG 225 excavator. Nowadays, Wang has three excavators, all of which are SDLG products. 

Wang Liming said, he is the loyal user of SDLG excavators. When explaining why he purchased SDLG product as his first equipment, he said the one bringing him into the business used SDLG equipment; and there are more than 50 excavator owners in his WeChat Group of Excavator Users, each of whom has 2-3 units. 90% of their equipment are SDLG excavators. “So many people choose SDLG products simply because these products are good”, he said. 

In this way, Wang Liming became the loyal user of SDLG excavators since 2013. 

When explaining why he chooses SDLG equipment, Wang Liming said, “Take the two 6t excavators as the example. They mainly take odd jobs in construction sites, road and bridge, subway and municipal facilities, etc. SDLG excavators have wonderful stability, quality and duration and very few faults. More importantly, they have quite high operating efficiency. Sometimes, they can finish 3-4 jobs in one day. For odd jobs that are calculated as a whole without calculating time, we make more if our products have higher operating efficiency.”

At present, the oldest SDLG excavator owned by Wang Liming has been working for over 9,000 hours. But the equipment state is maintained very well. “SDLG products, after working for about 10,000 hours, still look quite new”. In these 9,000 working hours, the equipment has very stable quality and low rate of fault in general. Each year, the maintenance and repair cost ranges between 5,000 and 8,000 CNY. Besides, the machine is also featured by moderate fuel consumption and easy access to parts and timely after-sales service. So it is really convenient to use the equipment. 

Wang Liming purchased a 20t SDLG excavator because he decided to use large tonnage products. After this excavator was delivered to him, the three excavators in his hands, in the nearly one year period, had the monthly attendance rate standing at about 20 days per month. “According to the driver of this 20t excavator, it is featured by easy operations, stability and comfortable cab. Compared with other brands, in particular the famous international brands, it has the similar operating efficiency. And SDLG excavator has the strongest advantage in fuel efficiency. In one hour, it can save nearly 20 CNY fuel compared with equipment of other brand.” he said. 

As his business grows, Wang Liming is considering both construction contracting and equipment leasing. He thinks he has made a small mistake, saying, “The 20t product is small. I should have purchased a 25t excavator. Just wait and see. If the market is good next year and if I can contract project, I will definitely purchase large tonnage excavators from SDLG.”

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