SDLG Helped Alleviate Snow Disaster
—— SDLG & Qingdao Guanghui
Release Date: 2019.02.21 Views: 207

Since January this year, Yushu Prefecture in Qinghai Province has suffered from heavy snowfalls in most of its territory. It was hit by the most serious snow disaster ever seen in the past decade, which led to great losses.

Brutal snow disaster

The 72 villages in 28 towns/townships of five counties in one city in Yushu Prefecture were struck by snow disasters of various degrees, which impacted on 55,300 people and led to the death of many live stocks. Zaduo County, Chengduo County and Qumalai County were covered by ice and snow as thick as nearly 1250px, sinking the eight state highways, four provincial highways and five expressways into paralysis.

SDLG offering helping hands

Snow disaster relief cannot be postponed. SDLG and Qinghai Guanghui mobilized more than ten new SDLG loaders to reach the disaster site. They also contacted the local SDLG clients to drive their loaders and participate in disaster relief.

Shovel the snow to keep the Lifeline unblocked.

For days, SDLG loaders kept working hard to remove ice and snow to ensure the Lifeline was unblocked. Till today, all roads leading to the disaster-stricken villages have been opened. SDLG drivers, thanks to the excellent quality and performance of SDLG products, operated for a long time in the extremely-cold and high-altitude environment. They safeguarded the 3,000km Lifeline in the disaster-stricken regions to ensure the roads are open.

As the Lifelines were broken open, trucks loaded with relief supplies drove into the disaster-stricken regions. They have been distributed to the local people. Stage success has been made in the anti-snow-disaster relief in Yushu Prefecture.

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