5G Remote Control Intelligent Excavator of SDLG
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On the afternoon of March 19, Shandong Party Secretary Liu Jiayi and his colleagues visited SDLG to see its intelligent manufacturing project of large excavators. 


On one side of SDLG Technology Center’s Exhibition Hall, the driver sat on the seat in the hall, remote controlling an excavator working in Pingyi Mine 100km away. On the screen, no one was found in the machine cab. But the machine normally drove back, rotated, shoveled and loaded. These movements were made flexibly and easily as if the driver were in the cab.


5G remote control

  “This is the remote control intelligent excavator developed by SDLG by using 5G technologies for the complex working and production environment”, said Zhang Jian, Director of SDLG Intelligent Research Institute to the journalist. This excavator consists of three parts, namely, the remote control center, 5G network and machine-mounted terminal. The 5G network connects the control center with machine-mounted terminal, thus controlling the unmanned excavator in the mine on the real-time basis. At the same time, the real-time panoramic scene is sent back to the control center.

Thanks to the rapid development of IT and intelligent control technologies, in the latter part of this year, SDLG can utilize such technical means as wearable devices, AR/VR application, audio/video real-time communications, etc., to optimize image recognition, processing and transmission, so as to improve visual effect of driving and present the real-time and vivid 3D panoramic effect, thus producing the wonderful remote-driving experience.

“Based on SDLG’s advanced vehicle electric control technologies, electric main control valve, 5G technology and their comprehensive applications, the autopilot excavator not only realizes operations in complex environment so that construction machinery can penetrate better into the more complex and more dangerous construction environment. Even more, it provides possibilities for realizing intelligent production and unmanned construction site in the future, thus opening the broader development space for the construction machinery industry”。 Zhang Jian believes it will steer the domestic equipment manufacturing industry to upgrade and transform so as to change the development model of construction machinery industry.

The visitors visited the SDLG Technology Exhibition Hall, and were shocked by its 2025 strategic plan, solutions to intelligent factory, remote driving and intelligent mines, and other scenes of future development, in particular the SDLG simulation mine intelligent solutions. The more than 70 units of SDLG intelligent equipment worked efficiently via the SDLG intelligent central control, so as to fulfill intelligent management, equipment life cycle management, and personnel safety management. This alone can save 8.4 million CNY operating cost for clients in one year.

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