SDLG Convened 2019 Business Conference
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On January 6-7, SDLG convened its 2019 Business Conference in Sanya of Hainan Province. The Conference was attended by the corporate executives Wang Zhizhong, Yu Mengsheng, Wen Degang, Wang Zhesen and Chi Feng. It was chaired by SDLG VP and Marketing Company GM Shi Shengyong. The Conference was also attended by more than 400 representatives of dealers and service providers in China. 

At the Conference, SDLG Chairman Wang Zhizhong gave the speech entitled New Opportunities, New Dynamism and New Development. He pointed out the industry is in the new round of growth after the market downturn in the previous few years. It is necessary to see clearly and firmly grasp the current opportunities. At the same time, SDLG should continue to follow the requirements of “two pushes”, speed up optimizing and upgrading channels, facilitate reform of operations and management, and enhance the competitiveness of channels. The Chairman required the dealers should fulfill the decisions made by SDLG, grasp the opportunity, instill new dynamism, plan new development and realize the set targets. 

In his speech, SDLG President Yu Mengsheng analyzed the domestic and overseas economic situation, and predicted development trend of construction machinery market. He raised requirements for synergy and win-win in such aspects as channel upgrading, developing new model of leasing, the manufacturer and dealers co-building post-market, building the wolf teams and establishing long-term partnership. Mr. Yu emphasized that we should be persistent to adhere to the strategic positioning of supporting dealer development in the new opportunities, regardless of the twists and turns of the industry. Mr. Yu emphasized SDLG will never change the philosophy of working together with dealers to build the sustainable and healthy partnership, and work hard with the dealers in spite of all difficulties. He hoped the dealers, by showing their everlasting passion, and working hard with long-term target, can work together with SDLG to kick off the new chapter of business development. 

SDLG President Wen Degang made the Work Report of 2019 Business Conference, which reviewed SDLG’s performance in 2018 in marketing, R&D, operation, management, brand and culture building, and publicized major tasks, targets and measures this year. Mr. Wen required the manufacture and marketing teams should enhance the sense of mission and responsibility and improve the market participation when “the company is still in the significant strategic period”. In this way, it will trigger the market dynamism and stay to the major direction in the competition. In the principal theme of “high life, high quality and high speed”, SDLG will work hard to create new results. The manufacturer and dealers will jointly make new contributions to finalizing the targets set by the company. 

At the meeting, principals of SDLG business departments discussed with dealers in such dimensions as financial support, product R&D, service and spare parts. 

At the Conference, SDLG also commended departments that had outstanding performance in marketing, service and spare parts. Chairman Zhai Wenbin of Shaanxi Dingxin and Chairman Zhou Zhengshun of Shandong Shifang gave speeches on behalf of the winning departments. 

The Conference also invited Director Mukunashi Naoki of Kanamoto, and the marketing practice expert Cheng Shaoshan to give training lectures to the participants. 

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