VOLVO President & CEO Martin Lundstedt Visited SDLG
Release Date: 2019.03.25 Views: 247

On March 20, VOLVO President & CEO Martin Lundstedt headed his top-executive colleagues to visit SDLG. The visitors were met by SDLG top executives Wang Zhizhong, Yu Mengsheng and Wen Degang, who talked about domestic and overseas economic situation and cooperation.

When having discussions, SDLG Chairman Wang Zhizhong introduced to visitors the company’s history and major achievements made in the past four decades, focusing on current technical innovations, product R&D, marketing, operations and management, etc.

The Chairman pointed out that in recent years, SDLG has kept its strategic positioning of “world vision, international standard, SDLG characteristics and quality development”。 Focusing on 3+1 product line, it has sped up “product cluster, modern technology, efficient management and international market”, thus enhancing the corporate core competitiveness and increasing the market share. He hoped the two parties can enhance communications, deepen exchanges and work together to promote cooperation and create new situation.

Mr.Martin Lundstedt gave great praise to SDLG for its management efficiency, sales performance and development speed. He said VOLVO will enhance cooperation with SDLG in key technologies, marketing, operations and management. He hoped the two parties can work together to consolidate and upgrade position of SDLG in the industry.

When visiting the production site, SDLG Chairman Wang Zhizhong mainly introduced the innovative management model of SDLG featured by “one comprehensive, two innovations and three combinations”。 He also introduced how SDLG employees, in particular the front-line employees, use their wisdom to produce many technical reforms and innovation results represented by AGV automatic trucks, which play a crucial role in improving the operating efficiency and upgrading product quality. Mr.Martin Lundstedt gave high praise to SDLG’s practice in stimulating the employees’ passion for innovations, believing it perfectly matches VOLVO’s people-oriented development philosophy.   When staying in Linyi, Mr. Martin Lundstedt and his colleagues were met by Linyi Party Secretary Wang Yujun, who pointed out the cooperation between SDLG and VOLVO lays the foundation for their future development, functions as a demo for local companies to improve management level and instills robust power for economic growth in Linyi. Linyi Party Committee and Municipal Government will provide full support for their future cooperation and generate sound environment. He hoped the two parties can expand scope of cooperation, deepen level of cooperation, learn from strong points of each other and work hand in hand to play a bigger role in stimulating economic and social progress in Linyi. 

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