SDLG Products Helped with Fire-control Drill in Guiyang
Release Date: 2019.03.14 Views: 241

To respond to the requirements of Guizhou Provincial Fire Control Department for “securing people’s safety by building fire-control team”, SDLG’s dealer Guizhou Jincheng participated in the first fire-control drill in 2019, which was held by Guiyang Fire Control Squad, Logistics & Support Team.

Guiyang fire-control department gave high praise to the excellent performance of SDLG all-series construction machinery products and to the professional service provided by Guizhou Jincheng. 

In 2017, Guizhou Jincheng Corporation signed Agreement of Cooperation on Construction Machinery Rescue Team with Guiyang Fire Control Squad, Logistics & Support Team, making solemn commitments: in the event of serious or major disasters or accidents, or in the event of other rescue tasks that need help and cooperation from construction machinery, the SDLG excavators, loaders, road machinery and other construction machinery will be mobilized immediately after receiving the notification, which will drive to the designated venue to help with relevant work on a timely basis.

As one of the rescue team members, Guizhou Jincheng provides professional drivers and SDLG construction machinery featuring reliable quality and excellent performance, so as to ensure the machinery and personnel are on duty 24 hours a day to help with rescue efforts together with fire control squad. In this way, SDLG products help secure safety with their actions.

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