SDLG Won the 2018 Charity Innovation Prize in the 8th China Charity Festival
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On January 14, 2019, the 8th China Charity Festival, themed on “charity creates beauty”, was held in Beijing. Because of developing the new model of poverty alleviation in the construction machinery industry, SDLG’s Love of Revolutionary Base Precise Poverty Alleviation Program won the 2018 Charity Innovation Prize. 

China Charity Festival was first held in 2011. As China’s first charity festival initiated jointly by the mass media, the event is designed to promote the charity spirit and encourage charity behaviors so as to build the platform for dialogues, cooperation and communications among various parties. Till today, China Charity Festival has become an important carrier that pushes forward Charity development in China. 

China has kicked off the anti-poverty campaign. As the large and pillar enterprise in China’s construction machinery industry, SDLG has been active to respond to the government appeals, engage in charity and fulfill CSR when securing the leap-forward growth in the past years. On May 22, 2018, SDLG initiated the Love of Revolutionary Base precise poverty alleviation program in Mountain Daliang in Sichuan. The program dominated by SDLG, which follows the government policy, aims to push forward economic growth and development in the old revolutionary bases. 

The Love of Revolutionary Base program covers five revolutionary bases in Mountain Daliang, Yan’an, Mountain Jinggang, Mountain Yimeng and Baise, which mainly supports the veterans and family members of servicemen. Since the program was initiated, it has gradually expanded the scope of aided people in these five revolutionary bases, calling upon more people to get involved in the charity activities, thus gaining great praise from all walks of life. 

To implement the program precisely, SDLG takes specific measures by considering its own business. By donating SDLG small excavators, it adapts to the new countryside building; SDLG provides 20,000 CNY for poor drivers; it provides 40-day vocational skill training program for impoverished people working in the field of construction machinery before introducing them to clients after they pass the evaluation; it aids people in the whole process, aiming to influence more people. 

How to secure precise poverty alleviation and teach people how to make a living? The Love of Revolutionary Base program adopts the three-level operating model, supporting poor people after giving them ways of making a living. SDLG headquarters make unified plan and management, providing fund, vehicles, preferential policy support, make regular surveys and visits till they get out of poverty for more than half a year. SDLG also establishes the Love of Revolutionary Base precise poverty alleviation team headed by the dealer, which is responsible for local poverty alleviation. Working together with local major clients or charity organizations, SDLG establishes the base of poverty alleviation and wealth creation. It also uses the Top Drivers Club to provide jobs and business for aided people. 

Till today, SDLG keeps fulfilling its CSR. By providing vocational training program, encouraging energy efficiency and environmental protection, donating to education, providing relief for earthquakes and disasters, etc., SDLG fulfills its commitment and responsibility for the society. Afterwards, SDLG will walk farther on the charity path and implement the “blood-generating” poverty alleviation programs such as Love of Revolutionary Base, so as to encourage the entire construction machinery industry to fulfill their CSR. 

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