SDLG R&D and Quality Team Visited Southern Asia Market
—— Southern Asia Stop of SDLG Customer Care Theme Visit Campaign
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On February 25 to March 2, SDLG Parts & Components BD Vice GM Hong Yonglong headed SDLG R&D and quality team to visit Southern Asia market to visit clients and bring care to them. As China’s Belt & Road Initiative went deeper, Southern Asian countries have enhanced efforts in infrastructure building. SDLG keeps increasing its sales in the local market. The activity is a large Customer Care activity designed by SDLG to improve customer satisfaction and upgrade SDLG brand influence in Southern Asia market. 

They visited loader clients in coal mines and yards. During the visit, Mr. Han headed the team to overhaul clients’ products, in particular the key parts and components such as boxes and bridges so as to eliminate existing problems and potential problems. They also answered clients’ questions about products to solve their doubts while collecting their ideas and proposals on products.

In this visit, they also invited the discipline-related engineers and the company’s quality engineers to visit the site and make surveys. They answered the clients’ questions in an efficient way. At the same time, the designers better understood the clients’ working conditions and client needs, checked the vehicle situation and potential faults, thus upgrading the quality of key parts and components of SDLG products. 

In 2019, SDLG overseas service established the service philosophy of “customer care & caring service”, in an effort to build the brand image of SDLG’s overseas service and establish its core competitiveness in the overseas market. By conducting this theme visit, they effectively drew closer relations between SDLG and overseas clients while upgrading the brand influence of SDLG in Southern Asia market.

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