SDLG Won Three Prizes in the 1st China Micro Movies Competition of Industrial Brands
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On March 31, the Awarding Ceremony of the 1st China Micro Movies Competition of Industrial Brands, themed on Creativity, Convergence Media and Win-win, was opened in Tai’an of Shandong Province. The two micro movies of SDLG, entitled Construction Machinery Giants in Gold Mines and Wealth-generating Stories of SDLG Top Drivers of China won three prizes in the competition, namely, the Silver Prize, Viewers Choice Prize and Best Brand Prize.

China Micro Movies Competition of Industrial Brands was jointly initiated by China Industry News and TenCent Video. The annual event is designed to promote new platform of convergence media for brand development of industrial enterprises, tell the stories of corporate brands and disseminate the essence of corporate culture.

The 1st China Micro Movies Competition of Industrial Brands covers more than 160 enterprises in a few sectors such as intelligent manufacturing, power generation, transport and rail construction. With excellent works, SDLG excelled to present its brand power. 

Focus on quality and enhance brands

SDLG regards quality as its life, focusing on quality and strengthening brands. For a long time, SDLG has attached great emphasis on building the quality management system, and adhered to the quality principles “reliability & efficiency, model in the industry, quality value and priority of clients”。 Focusing on 3+1 product line of construction machinery, namely, loaders, excavators and road machinery, as well as the capacity building of core parts and components, it is dedicated to making product innovations and improving quality. Taking its advantages in quality and brand, SDLG gets into the domestic and overseas market, consolidates its leading position in the industry and builds the century-old world-class enterprise.

SDLG has received a few titles such as Quality Prize of Shandong Governor, National Quality Award for Machinery Industry, China Quality Award, Asian Network for Quality Congress and China Quality Benchmark Enterprises, etc.

The award-winning micro movie Construction Machinery Giants in Gold Mines, from the perspective of gold mine principal Du Guojun, tells how SDLG offers the excellent product quality, comprehensive solutions to construction, one-to-one exclusive service, training on operations and maintenance and other all-series products and services, thus winning the unanimous recognition and praise from the mine employees, who are more determined to purchase SDLG products.

Award-winning micro movie



Besides, SDLG is active to fulfill its CSR and charity so as to improve the brand value and corporate image.

Since 2013, SDLG has been working hard on Top Drivers charity campaign to support charity development. Till today, the campaign has been organized in 62 cities of three countries, namely, China, Russia and Thailand, issuing 14,000 certificates.

SDLG helps the grassroots people realize their Chinese dream and carry on the positive energy of the industry. In the past six years, SDLG keeps working hard to produce the charity brand of Top Drivers. In doing all things, persistence is the most important element. Over the past six years, SDLG has invested more than 50 million CNY to hold over 70 training camps in the world. Through free training and vocational skill certification, more than 10,000 operators of construction machinery benefit from it. A number of Top Driver stories, with warmth, depth, height and width, record the company’s brilliant history of cultural care and innovative development.

It has broken traditional perception of many people, upgraded the charity content of construction machinery industry, given the positive image to operators and produced huge influence in the industry. Nowadays, Top Drivers has become a charity activity in the industry with large scale and international influence, witnessing how SDLG becomes the responsible construction machinery brand so that more and more people fall in love with SDLG products and Chinese products.

The award-winning micro movie Wealth-generating Stories of SDLG Top Drivers of China tells the story of Chinese Top Drier Li Jinlong. After competing in the event, he has clearer target in the life. With his diligence, he has made happy life bucket by bucket. Nowadays, he not only has his own wealth and happiness, but also helps his town fellows to create their happy life.

Award-winning micro movies


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