Greeting Words for 2019 Spring Festival - Never Stop the Steps of Moving Forward
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In the new year, we will start again with the world towards a clearer direction. In 2019, we will move forward with firmer determination. 

Looking back at 2018, we made evident accomplishments by showing greatest convictions and confidence, by presenting the greatest ambitions, by making transcendence and by overcoming the many difficulties. 

1.Time witnesses the steps of those hard-working people

In this year, the wall of honors of SDLG had another plate China Outstanding Quality Model. Almost all quality-related prizes in China have been obtained by us. 

Diligence is the motto of hard-working people. In this year, the national model worker Qiu Feng won the title of Yimeng Craftsman; the young worker Liu Jingpeng won the title of National Young Skilled Worker; and the innovative employee Zhang Zaicai won the title of “Chief Technician in Shandong”. People are crucial to high-quality development and we should work in concerted efforts to achieve the ambitious goal. We need to upgrade and catch up with our competitors. 

2.Push forward innovation-driven development and transform towards intelligent manufacturing

On February 5, 2018, Alibaba signed agreement with us again, pushing forward Internet+manufacturing into depth. On July 6, PTC came to SDLG; on July 9, Big Data Center of Tsinghua University and Suzhou Innovation Center for Industrial Big Data also came to build the Intelligent SDLG together with us. On November 27, SDLG’s E660FEX pure electric excavator was launched in Bauma China in Shanghai. SDLG products gained the intelligence element in addition to their three technical advantages in reliability, energy efficiency and comfort. 

3.Firmly facilitate the brand strategy

In May 2018, CEMEX from Mexico, one of the world’s largest concrete producers, awarded SDLG with the title of Best Supplier for the Year. We cherish our reputation very much. In Russia, the Top Drivers activity. Organized by SDLG, is regarded as the festival or ceremony by local people. In China, Love of Revolutionary Base precise poverty alleviation program gave more brilliance to SDLG brand.In this year, we not only increased the brand value for five times, but also helped our city become the Famous Chinese City in Construction Machinery. 

4.The Provincial Party Secretary praised our shift from old dynamism to new dynamism

On November 23, 2018, Party Secretary Liu Jiayi came to SDLG, who visited the intelligent production line of core parts and components, giving high praise to SDLG’s independent innovation ability to break the overseas technological monopoly of main control valve. He fully recognized what the company has achieved in pushing forward automation, digital, networked and intelligent development and in speeding up the fusion between industrialization and IT. At the same time, he expressed great expectations for the company to shift from old dynamism and new one. 

We start afresh in the new year. The new targets are there, waiting for us. The mission is more glorious though the challenge and task are greater. We will continue to maintain our perseverance and move towards the new targets. 

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