SDLG Will Move Forward Aggressively in 2019
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When the spring is coming, SDLG departments, dealers and suppliers are busy with their work. In the concerted efforts, they are moving stably towards the new target for 2019, working hard to make record-high results. 

I. SDLG attended 2019 Pingtan Construction Equipment Exhibition

The first big move towards the 2019 targets

On February 9 (January 5 in lunar calendar), 2019 China Construction Industry (Pingtan) Development Forum & Pingtan Construction Equipment Exhibition was held. 

More than 20 brands, including SDLG, made presence at the event and exhibited over 100 kinds of products. SDLG exhibited its L955FC side loader and E6210F tunnel excavator. At the exhibition, it sold 36 units of tunnel equipment. 

The event helped improve the influence of SDLG Tunnel “2+1” golden combo products in China, making the first move towards the target for 2019. 

II. SDLG Association of Process Technologies and Association of Welding Techniques:

Convene meetings to offer proposals

Days ago, SDLG Association of Process Technologies, Coating Branch convened the initiation meeting. The Coating Branch was established to provide a platform for welding technicians from SDLG departments to compare notes, thus laying the foundation for trans-department cooperation and better study the welding techniques and develop the technical reform projects.


The Association, in the future, will learn from the advanced technologies in the industry and upgrade the overall technical level of the welding module in the company. 

III. Golden suppliers:

Work together with SDLG on quality and capacity to realize new leap-forward progress

Days ago, SDLG convened the meeting to initiate aid to golden suppliers, which was attended by SDLG top executives and principals of 12 golden suppliers. The two parties summed up the previous work, voiced over the existing problems and raised clear requirements and solutions. They also made plans and outlook on future development and cooperation. 

IV. The dealer Shandong Shifang:

Create Happiness in 2019 together with SDLG - New Spring Party for Better Results

Days ago, the dealer Shandong Shifang held the New Year Party in Zhangqiu of Henan Province, which was attended by more than 400 SDLG users, both old and new. At the Party, SDLG Central China General Manager Wang Baomin and Shandong Shifang General Manager Zhang Suhua gave warm speeches to introduce the history of SDLG and Shifang, delivering heartfelt thanks to the trust and support from clients, and expressing determination to bring the best products and services to more clients. 

At the Party, more than ten models of SDLG were displayed for test driving/riding. In the hot atmosphere, the clients hurried to place orders. The event was concluded by orders for 104 units. 

V. Shanxi Qianlima:

Lecture in the Spring Festival period to supplement knowledge

At the annual conference, the dealer Shanxi Qianlima invited trainer from SDLG Marketing Company to give the training lecture to all its salespeople, so that they can better understand performance, characteristics and market advantages of SDLG products, and so that they can better survive in the fiercer market competition. 

The lecturer made detailed and comprehensive explanation to SDLG’s excavator products. Salespeople of the dealer studied very carefully and asked questions, revealing their strong passion for knowledge and their great trust in SDLG brand. Through the training, they had greater confidence in upgrading SDLG market share in Shanxi in 2019. 

The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring. In the start of the new year, SDLG will work with all parties and continue to move forward with the good start towards the new target in 2019 in spite of all difficulties. 

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