Four Products of SDLG Won Top 50 Prize
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On April 2, 2019, Construction Machinery Products Development Forum (Beijing) & Top 50 Products of China Construction Machinery Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing. The event was guided by China Construction Machinery Association, and China National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision Testing Center; hosted by Construction magazine and organized by Construction Machinery App.

Four products of SDLG won Top 50 prizes

Over the past decade and more, SDLG products have won the title of Top 50 Products, whose wheeled loader series have received the Gold Prize of Market Performance for many times. This year, SDLG presents its robust power again. L975F wheeled loader, E6500F crawler hydraulic excavator, CMT106 non-highway mine self-dumping truck and AS1212 fork aerial platform operation won the Top 50 prize. Of these award-winning products, L975F had the best result to get the Gold Prize of Market Performance.

River Dam Technology helps secure market performance of L975F

SDLG adopts the River Dam power curve calibration technology, which ensures its product take the leading position in the industry in machine acceleration, operation efficiency and fuel efficiency. It is the first to develop loader APS technology, thus having higher efficiency in sparse and light materials. In 2018, SDLG sold 58 L976F loaders, whose market share reached 13.2% among the same-class competitors.

L975F is the new-generation high-end product developed by SDLG on the basis of 7T platform product, which is designed for sparse materials. Featured by quick movements, the model has wonderful acceleration and power, quick lifting speed and exceptional linear in falling. Besides, the model is equipped with AT, which has APS and Auto-Clutch function. In this way, the model has easier and more convenient operations.

Till today, L975F has made exceptional performance in stone mines, metal mines, concrete mixing stations, open pits, berths and other working conditions. It has been used in various working conditions in stone mines in Guangxi, open pits in Shanxi and Inner Mongolia, concrete mixing stations in Shandong and Henan and ports in Liaoning and Shandong, thus gaining extensive recognition and praise from users. It deserves the Gold Prize of Market Performance.

Seven advantages

1. Power: L975F adopts the River Dam Power curve, which is exclusive to SDLG. As a result, the machine acceleration and response speed take the leading position in the industry. Its acceleration and hauling force outperform same-class competitors by 18%, with operating efficiency 15-20% better than same-class competitors.

2. Low unit operating fuel consumption: L975F adopts the single variable hydraulic system, APS and Auto-Clutch automatic energy distribution system. As a result, the machine is featured by matched power and rational hydraulic cutting design. In the same working quantity, the operation has evident advantage in fuel consumption.

3. Large bearing capacity: Equipped with 8/9T transmission, the machine has 30% higher bearing capacity. It utilizes 7T driving bridge and structure-part platform to improve reliability.

4. Wonderful braking safety: L975F adopts full hydraulic braking, thus solving the problem of braking liquid boiling and evaporation in the summer and icing of braking pipe in the winter in the gas-top oil system often used in the industry. As a result, the product has wonderful braking safety.

5. The machine has quick movement and wonderful steering and linear performance: L975F adopts the convergent and high-pressure hydraulic system. It has quick machine movement and response speed, exceptional steering performance and linear movement, and precise and easy control.

6. Super-strong stability: L975F weight and wheel base take leading position in the industry. The optimal load distribution and control stability are excellent.

7. Outstanding comfort: L975F has all versions equipped with new-generation SDLG cab, AT, leading braking system, AC, automatic lubrication system, LED lights, bluetooth radio, and oil-bath-type air filter, etc., which can meet the high-end demands of clients in noise control, cab sealing, easy control and high-end configurations, etc.

Stable and efficient E6500F crawler hydraulic excavator

E6500F is the new-generation mine excavator product. Adopting the super-powerful VOLVO engine, the machine, after equipped with hydraulic system, has better coordination and precision and lower fuel consumption. It is also equipped with longest chassis seen in same-class competitors to considerably improve stability. Besides, the model has the super-powerful working mechanism and lower frame to produce better duration. Besides, the chain rail protective board, the upper protective beam and walking pedal, and cab protection ensure better safety for people and machine.

Eight characteristics

1. The machine is equipped with VOLVO engine featured by large displacement, low speed and large torque. It is robust power and high reliability. The three-level air filtering can help the machine better adapt to dusty environment in mines. The three-level fuel filter produces better fuel adaptability. Even more, it has SIEDIAS fault detection interact, making it easy to maintain the engine.

2. The proprietary engine rotating speed and throttle control model precisely calibrates engine & hydraulics matching in the high, medium and low rotating speed, thus resulting in great operation coordination and precision and low fuel consumption.

3. The exclusive hydraulic fan-driven oil coolant is separated from the engine radiator. While providing the wonderful cooling performance, it is easy to clean and maintain.

4. All versions are equipped with super-strong mine arms and rods. With rational parameters of working mechanism, it has great reliability and high operation efficiency in the poor mine working conditions.

5. The largest lengthened chassis in machines of the same kind in the industry. The enhanced lower frame is equipped with steering wheel with high strength. The enlarged drive-wheel dimensions and thickness of wheel chains and the lengthened heavy crawler protective board prevent overthrowing on the bumpy roads while protecting the bearing wheel and crawler chains. In this way, the excavator has longer life cycle and wonderful stability.

6. The cab is spacious and sealed, which has wonderful sound-proof effect. Sun-proof nets are equipped in three directions. Silicon-oil rubber damper is used to reduce vibration and impact. Besides, the model is equipped with high-end anti-damping seats and automatic air with two-level air filter, thus providing the comfortable driving/riding environment.

7. Color LCD display. The optional rear-view lens ensure the operators can see the blind zone via I-ECU, thus adding vision and improving safety.

8. New-generation GPS provides safer and more vehicle data and information.

The environment-friendly and reliable CMT106 non-road mine self-dumping truck

CMT106 is a clean-energy product equipped with 530hp engine featured by low rotating speed and large torque. It completely meets the non-road China III emission standard. Using Donaldson air filter, it has such advantages as large inlet quantity, higher filter efficiency and low maintenance cost. Equipped with front thrust pod + slide board spring, it meets the requirements for comfortable driving and improves construction safety. Besides, the FC6A250 transmission makes the operation easy, flexible and reliable.

Five characteristics

1. While reducing the engine speed ratio and improving the reliability of AC, the fuel consumption and noise are reduced further.

2. The radiation system adopts the electric silicon oil fan, whose fuel economy is about 6% higher than that of rigidly-connected fan.

3. The lifting and turning hydraulic convergence technology ensures the turning hydraulic oil temperature is reduced by 50%, thus considerably improving system reliability.

4. The patented rear suspension technology is free from maintenance; the rubber balance axle - horizontal rod - U-shaped bolt reformed structure. In general, the rear suspension has higher reliability.

5. The thrust pod ball pin has upgraded from the square flat to round shape, thus solving the fracture risk caused by high partial stress triggered by mutation of square flat section.

Exquisite and safe AS1212 fork aerial platform

The machine, featured by light weight (3,300kg) and small dimensions (2470×1180×2560mm), is equipped with folded fence and extended platform design, which makes it easy to store and transport. It is extensively used in various working conditions whose operation height is below 14m and weight within 320kg. The product is mainly used for installing ventilation pipe, walls and fire-control facilities, etc.  

Top 50 records track of industrial progress

Top 50 Products of China Construction Machinery Awards Ceremony, first held in 2007, is an annual event guided by China Construction Machinery Association, and China National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision Testing Center; initiated and hosted by Construction magazine; and co-organized by many mainstream media in the industry.

The Products of China Construction Machinery for the year would select 50 best products, which record development track of leading products in the industry in three dimensions, namely, technical innovations, market performance and application contributions. It is known as the barometer of industrial development.  

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