Create Happiness for 2019 Together with SDLG - SDLG Dealers Held New Year Party
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When year 2019 came, SDLG launched the theme activity entitled Create Happiness for 2019 Together with SDLG. Dealers in all regions held the New Year Party, which became great success. 

Northern China: Shenyang Kaicheng

On February 17, the dealer Shenyang Kaicheng held the Create Happiness for 2019 Together with SDLG - New Year Party in Yulong Resort on Mount Qipan, which was attended by more than 300 clients, both old and new. 

In his speech, Shenyang Kaicheng General Manager said what his company has achieved cannot do without the cooperation from clients and from the support of SDLG. He also expressed thanks to the guests and all company employees for their never-ceasing efforts. 

Shenyang Kaicheng will continue to take the philosophy of SDLG “reliability and bearing load”. It works hard to make innovations and provide more efficient and higher-quality products and services so that clients will receive the most valuable returns. 

Southern China: Zhangzhou Longfei

On February 22, the dealer Zhangzhou Longfei held the New Year Party in Zhangzhou of Fujian Province, which was attended by more than 300 clients, both old and new. 

Before the event, Zhangzhou Longfei filmed VCR for “clients with honesty”, which was played repeatedly at the Party to enhance the sense of honor of clients. When sharing their experience in using machines, the “loyal clients” introduced strong points of SDLG products, such as reliability, efficiency, and fuel saving,etc., thus gaining recognition from clients. SDLG launched gift-giving activity in the event, which greatly triggered the clients’ passion for purchase and helped make success the event. 

Central China: Hubei Linwo

Days ago, the dealer Hubei Linwo held Create Happiness for 2019 Together with SDLG -  New Year Party, which was attended by more than 200 clients, both old and new. The activity made great success. 

Hubei Linwo is always dedicated to growing together with users and providing reliable, efficient and environment-friendly SDLG products for building infrastructures in Hubei Province. At the Party, Hubei Linwo invited the Clients with Honesty, Loyal Clients and Wealth-making Leaders to share their experience and feelings of selecting and using SDLG products while giving them the Honor Plate and gifts, so as to express thanks for their support and trust in SDLG and Hubei Linwo. 

A Loyal Client from Yangxin shared his personal experience in using SDLG products. In 2013, he purchased his first SDLG product. Now he has 12 units of SDLG. SDLG products, due to the reliable quality and low energy consumption, win great praise from this client, who ordered one E6500F excavator at the Party. 

Northwestern China: Shaanxi Dingxin

On February 21, the SDLG and its dealer Shaanxi Dingxin held Create Happiness for 2019 Together with SDLG -  New Year Party, which was attended by more than 500 participants from the province. It functioned as a platform for the clients, both old and new, to renew friendship and seek common development. 

Before the event was kicked off, Director Gong Yongde of SDLG Marketing Company, Excavator Sales Department and Shaanxi Dingxin Chairman Zhai Wenbin painted eyes on the auspicious dancing lion to deliver the Chinese New Year blessings to all participants, which helped make the great success of the event. 

Southwestern China: Guangxi Lingong

Days ago, the dealer Guangxi Lingong held the New Year Party in Nanning, which was attended by more than 310 SDLG clients, both old and new. 

To deepen the clients’ understanding of SDLG products and enhance their confidence in purchase, Guangxi Lingong held the ceremony to deliver eight service vehicles. At the same time, clients were invited to test drive/ride E675F small excavator and L975F large loader. The participants were excited and gave high praise to the reliable products and quality service of SDLG

At the Party, SDLG Southwestern China GM Sun Yanbin introduced in detail the history and brand influence of SDLG. He emphasized that SDLG and the dealer would work hand in hand to provide quality and efficient products and whole life-cycle and whole-process service to users. 

Since the Chinese New Year, dealers of SDLG have held more than 50 New Year Parties, which continue to Create Happiness for 2019 Together with SDLG. Good news comes every day to reveal better results. 

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