L975F of SDLG Won Gold Prize of Market Performance in Top50 China Construction Machinery 
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On April 2, 2019 at the 2019 Construction Machinery Products Development Forum (Beijing) & Top 50 Products of China Construction Machinery Awards Ceremony, the L975F wheeled loader of SDLG, thanks to its excellent and reliable performance, high market recognition and performance force, excelled out of the many competitors and won the Gold Prize of Market Performance, thus revealing the extraordinary value of L975F in leading industrial innovations and meeting demands of clients while highlighting the reliability of SDLG products. 

Carry on classics and renew splendor  

Reliability, safety and fuel economy are crucial to getting favor from clients. Since launched in March 2018, L975F wheeled loader has been greatly favored by users in the industry. Its success is attributed to SDLG carrying on the mature technologies and experience, and complies with trend of product innovation in the market.

L975F wheeled loader is the new-generation high-end product developed by SDLG on the 7T platform product and considering the characteristic of sparse materials and quick operations. It carries on the strong points of SDLG loaders featured by robustness, reliability, duration, stable performance and energy efficiency, thus widely used in stone mines, metal mines, concrete mixing stations, open pit, berths and other working conditions.

“Assume the machine works 12 hours a day for 300 days a year. Compared with 5T loaders, the 7T product will save 300,000CNY for the client per year based on such work quantity”, said Wang Yong, Executive Deputy Director of SDLG Technical Center. This is because L975F adopts the single variable hydraulic system, APS and Auto-Clutch automatic energy distribution system. As a result, the machine is featured by matched power and rational hydraulic cutting design. In the same working quantity, the operation has evident advantage in fuel consumption.

Besides, L975F adopts the River Dam Power curve, which is exclusive to SDLG. As a result, the machine acceleration and response speed take the leading position in the industry. Its acceleration and hauling force outperform same-class competitors by 18%, with operating efficiency 15-20% better than same-class competitors. Equipped with 8/9T transmission, the machine has 30% higher bearing capacity. It utilizes 7T driving bridge and structure-part platform to improve reliability. Because of the effective combination of these configurations, L975F has excellent operating ability and economy at the same time.

Upgrade safety for better experience

According to the feedback from Guangxi stone mine, open pits in Shanxi and Inner Mongolia, concrete mixing stations in Shandong and Henan, and ports in Liaoning and Shandong, L975F has quick response and machine movement, excellent steering performance, and wonderful movement liner performance. Taking the leading position in stability, comfort, operating efficiency and unit fuel consumption, it is widely recognized by users.

To put it simple, L975F weight and wheel base take leading position in the industry. The optimal load distribution and control stability are excellent. The machine adopts full hydraulic braking, thus solving the problem of braking liquid boiling and evaporation in the summer and icing of braking pipe in the winter in the gas-top oil system often used in the industry. As a result, the product has wonderful braking safety.

Besides, L975F has all versions equipped with new-generation SDLG cab, AT, leading braking system, AC, automatic lubrication system, LED lights, bluetooth radio, and oil-bath-type air filter, etc., which can meet the high-end demands of clients in noise control, cab sealing, easy control and high-end configurations, etc. It has precise and comfortable control, wonderful stability and coordination. As a result, the driver finds it easy to drive, free from fatigue even in long-time operations.

Move on boldly in concerted efforts

In major mines and construction sites in China, 6T and above loaders have gradually taken larger market share. “In the future, the 8T market will continue to grow, in particular in ports and other application working conditions that need rapid loading and unloading”, said Executive Deputy Director Wang Yong of SDLG Technical Center. Besides, by making presence in overseas market and building factories in Brazil, India and Africa, etc., SDLG will increase market share and improve product reliability.

As the mainstream product, SDLG loaders always take the leading position in domestic and overseas markets, in both sales and reputation. “Localization rate of loaders is very high in China and market competition is quite fierce”。 But Wang Yong pointed out, “In heavy working conditions in developed countries, the Chinese brands are still poorly recognized, which also represents the orientation of SDLG development. ”

In the future, SDLG will continue its philosophy of “reliability and bearing heavy load”。 It will use the excellent products and improved service to realize values of clients, keep providing industrial users with high-quality and innovative products, propose holistic solutions and meet the diverse and personalized demands of clients. In the process of high-quality development, it will work together with Chinese users of construction machinery to build a brighter future.

Appendix: Evaluation video of SDLG L975F loaders

Big Is Good - Evaluation of SDLG L975F loaders - TenCent Video

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