SDLG wheel loader delivers strong ROI for Indonesian quarry
Release Date: 2019.04.10 Views: 347

PT Gorip Nanda Guna purchased an L956F wheel loader to boost operations at its quarry in East Java, Indonesia.

On a 40-hectare quarry in East Java, Indonesia, an SDLG L956F wheel loader is hard at work moving large quantities of material for road contractor PT Gorip Nanda Guna. The reliable and fuel-efficient wheel loader is helping reduce operating costs at the quarry.

“We have a huge quarry and our project will take at least 10 years to complete. Therefore, it is very important for us to choose the best and most efficient machines to work on site which is why we chose SDLG’s L956F wheel loader,” said Gorip, owner of PT Gorip Nanda Guna, which also owns the quarry. “The heavy-duty L956F is powerful and features a large bucket that makes moving materials easy.”

At the quarry in Cukurguling, East Java, the L956F works about eight hours per day and loads between 150 to 200 tons of material hourly, with average cycle times of about two to three minutes.

The 5 t-rated L956F has a 3.0 m3 bucket capacity and is the smallest of the three F-series wheel loaders. Powered by six-cylinder Weichai engines, the L956F is one of the newest wheel loaders in SDLG’s F-series and features updated frame, chassis, transmission, cabin, engine hood and counterweight.

Onsite since October 2017, PT Gorip Nanda Guna, a Surabaya-based road building contractor, purchased the wheel loader from PT Indotruck Utama, SDLG’s distribution partner in Indonesia. In addition to the L956F, PT Gorip Nanda Guna also owns a SDLG LG938L wheel loader. The 3 t LG938L features a 1.8 m3 bucket capacity and maximum breakout force of 73 kN.

“The SDLG L956F is a heavy-duty machine that is powerful. The machine has proven to be very tough and reliable and certainly value for money. Its low fuel consumption has greatly helped us to reduce costs,” said Gorip, who like many Indonesians uses only one name.

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