Versatile SDLG LG936LA enhances operations at Australian cowhide plant
Release Date: 2019.04.10 Views: 276

Teys Australia Murgon is using a robust SDLG LG936LA wheel loader to help process high quality hides for export. 

From growing grass to make hay for cattle, to transporting salt and compost, a SDLG LG936LA wheel loader is providing flexibility for Teys Australia Murgon’s hide-processing plant in Queensland, Australia. Teys Australia is one of the leading meat producers in the country. Teys Australia Murgon processes all hides from Teys’ Queensland beef processing sites for global export.  

On site since March 2018, the LG936LA is mainly used for utility operations such as transporting sludge and salt. Working between 10 to 20 hours a week, the wheel loader transports around 50 tons of salt per week. Teys Australia Murgon processes 650,000 hides annually.

“We only have one wheel loader, so it was important for us to choose a robust and reliable model that could handle everything we needed it to,” said Scott Kapernick, General Manager Operations, Teys Australia Murgon. “Over the past year, the SDLG LG936LA has delivered. We like the high bucket lift that allows us to tip the salt into a 3 m tall bin, without requiring any extensions.”

Teys Australia Murgon purchased the LG936LA from CJD Equipment, SDLG’s distributor in Australia.

Powered by a 92 kW Weichai Deutz engine, the 3 t-rated LG936LA is highly-maneuverable. The 1.8 m3 bucket on the unit can be raised to a dumping height of 3.3 m, and the maximum breakout force is 96 kN. With an air-conditioned steel cab that offers wide visibility and larger operating space, the operator is protected against the elements and enjoys optimum comfort. 

In addition to transporting salt and sludge, the LG936LA is also used for a wide variety of operations on site from transporting raw hide, manufacturing compost and spreading it on pastures for hay production. Teys Australia Murgon recycles all the salt and water used and has not required irrigation for the past seven years.

“No one sits in the wheel loader all day, so we wanted a robust machine that met our diverse requirements without breaking the bank,” Kapernick said. “We don’t need all the bells and whistles, but we did need the wheel loader to be reliable — the LG936LA is exactly that.”

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