Volvo GTO Visited SDLG
Release Date: 2019.04.18 Views: 253

On April 16, Lars Farnskog, Bo Palmqvist and Liliane Lu of Volvo GTO visited SDLG, who were accompanied by SDLG General Manager Wen Degang. They also had discussions in the visit. The activity was also attended by SDLG top executives including Ma Xingqing, Xu Jinyong and Song Xiaoying. 

Volvo GTO visited SDLG Technology Exhibition Center, including the Loader BD, Parts and Components BD, Main Control Valve Workshop, and intelligent manufacturing workshop of Excavator BD. 

In the workshop, SDLG General Manager Wen Degang expressed warm welcome to Volvo GTO for their visit before introducing the history, major achievements and current production/operation of SDLG. He pointed out that SDLG has been working hard to implement the LPS, introduce excellent performance management model and conduct the innovation activities involving all, featured by One Complete, Two Innovations and Three Combinations. Many technological innovations and management innovation results occur. The automatic, digital, Internet and intelligent level of production and operation keep rising. For years, the company remains leading in the industry in terms of comprehensive efficiency in operations, whose core competitiveness has risen considerably. 

Volvo GTO said they were deeply impressed by the production site of SDLG featuring order and wonderful organizing, the precise and efficient automatic equipment scattered in the workshop, and the very high passion of employees. SDLG focuses on automatic assembly, welding and logistics, keeps improving the thinking, measures and experience of intelligent manufacturing level, which are worth learning. They hoped to communicate further with SDLG and enhance cooperation, so as to push forward the two parties towards mutual benefits and win-win. 

The two parties also shared and discussed about how to use advanced technologies such as IoT, big data and cloud computing, and how to improve automation and intelligence of production and manufacturing. 

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