SDLG Held the First Product Promotion in Vietnam in 2019
Release Date: 2019.04.19 Views: 272

Days ago, SDLG and its dealer Hongjia Corporation held the first promotional event in Phy Ly of Tỉnh Hà Nam in Vietnam, the first event of its kind in 2019. The event was attended by Governor of Tỉnh Hà Nam in Vietnam, some of the provincial officials, SDLG representatives in Vietnam, principals of Hongjia Corporation in Vietnam, and more than 120 clients, old and new. 

Phy Ly is 60km away from Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. It is the most important production base of limestone in the north of Vietnam. Taking the opportunity of the industry-leading promotion, Hongjia Company and its secondary dealers focused on local clients in the quarry and worked hard to explore markets for SDLG products. 

Before the activity, SDLG official promotional video, product video, SDLG Top Driver activity video and others were played repeatedly, attracting the attention of the clients. 

When the meeting was initiated, all lights in the venue were shut. The participants watched the screen. In the accompaniment of the joyful and exciting background music, the new-version ads video of SDLG, which lasts two minutes and forty seconds, brought the SDLG brand into the hearts of Tỉnh Hà Nam clients for the first time. 

In the activity, Chief of Staff of Tỉnh Hà Nam Party Committee, SDLG representative in Vietnam, principal of SDLG’s dealer in Vietnam and representatives of SDLG users made warm speeches. After that, SDLG staff introduced the 47-year process of SDLG, its reliable product quality, comprehensive solutions of SDLG products and international path of SDLG brand. 

The dance & song performance in the intervals of the meeting and a few lottery activities filled the promotion with excitement. Touched by the atmosphere, a client couldn’t help step onto the stage and sang a song, delivering the best wishes to SDLG and all participants. 

In the witness of all participants, the clients signed contract and took the golden key to SDLG equipment. The amount of orders signed in this promotion exceeded the sales volume in this region for the entire 2018. 

This promotion followed the principle of “early planning, early preparation and early holding”. By making precise positioning and wonderful interaction before the meeting, it ensured the success in the meeting. The dealers said they would grasp the opportunity of the successful promotion, overcome all difficulties and grow stronger so as to make greater contributions for SDLG products to sell better in Vietnam market. 


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