[User Comments] What Is the Experience of Owning Over 100 SDLG Loaders?
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User: Guo Xiaoming, Manager of Park Comprehensive Management Department, Qingdao Timber Company

Equipment quantity and model: Over 100 SDLG loaders and six excavators


SDLG equipment is flexible and efficient in selecting timbers. 

SDLG equipment has work more than 10,000 hours in four years, featuring few faults and high efficiency. 

The customized SDLG 8t timber grab with exclusive design can unload one truck of timber in five minutes, thus improving the efficiency by one time.  

In Qingdao, there is a saying that Qingdao has the berth of any size for even the largest ship in the world. As the window to the world trade, people in Qingdao have extensive knowledge. And Qingdao users of engineering machinery are also very critical. Qingdao Timber Company is one of such users. 

Comprehensive considerations before the purchase

In 2011, the Qingdao Timber Company, which started with timber business, purchased a number of secondhand loaders so as to get into the business of timber container transport.  

Though the secondhand loaders played an important role in the company development, they did bring many problems to the company because these secondhand machines often broke down when the company was experiencing rapid business growth. So it was imperative to change the equipment. But the problem was what brand to select. 

First of all, when operating in the port, the equipment should have good quality and should be durable. Second, the port has limited space of operations. In case the equipment breaks down, or needs maintenance, the after-sales service should be timely and be available at any time. Besides, the most important is the loading and unloading in the port, which requires speed and stability. In addition to the loaders, there is also the secret weapon, which is the special implement specially designed for timber transfer. 

 “Omnipotent and intelligent SDLG”, said the principal of the Timber Company talking about their final result of selection. 

From rough understanding to firm belief in SDLG

The Timber Company spent short time in just learning about SDLG loaders and using them. And such speed, undoubtedly, reveals the wonderful capacity of SDLG loaders. 

Goods transfer in ports often requires urgent handling. And SDLG loaders present the most-exceptional power in flexibility and work efficiency. “After using the two units, we feel SDLG machines are flexible, have quick steering, convenient arm rise and fall, and quick cargo grab and selection. When equipment of other brands can load/unload for eight times, SDLG can do it for ten times. In the process of port load/unloading and goods transfer, the goods flexibility is needed”, said Guo Xiaoming, the Manager of the Timber Company Park Comprehensive Management Department, recalling his experience of using SDLG equipment. 

After the loader equipment reaches the required criteria, SDLG starts the customized service for the Timber Company. 

Quality service & customer priority

Based on the special features of timber transfer, the Timber Company proposed designing larger tonnage timber grab to improve the freight efficiency. 

After learning about the users’ demands, SDLG, based on the realities, designs the 8t timber grab with stronger cargo-grabbing ability. In this way, the new model, with greater grabbing capacity, can unload one truck of timber within five minutes, improving the efficiency by more than one time. “SDLG has always been emphasizing on the ideas of users. After we make recommendations, the next batch of machines will adopt them and make reforms. The 8t timber grab is featured by quicker unloading and higher piling height. It plays a larger role and saves the space in the factory”. Guo Xiaoming said, “Saving space also means saving cost”. 

Nowadays, the Timber Company is having larger processing quantity and scale. In addition to the two loaders purchased earlier, the company has purchased another five SDLG units. 

The berth is busy 24 hours a day in all four seasons. The Timber Company has huge quantity of timber transfer, thus posing great challenge against the equipment. The equipment would work 24 hours without a stop. The machines work continuously and operator have a rest. In average, the machines would work about 20 hours per day. “SDLG equipment has worked for more than 10,000 hours. SDLG products seldom have faults. And the fuel consumption is low”, praised Guo Xiaoming. 

I witness the quality of SDLG

Because of the wonderful effect of use, the Timber Company has reached long-term strategic partnership with SDLG. In eight years, the Timber Company has purchased more than 100 SDLG units. 

In addition to the berth operations, the Timber Company’s business scope has been expanded to railway transport, from port area to inland zone. Because of the different nature of goods loading/unloading on railways, the Timber Company has also purchased six loading equipment refitted out of excavators, which are more suitable for the operation height of trains. 

 “The six 5t SDLG loaders purchased by us are about to be shipped. In 2019, we plan to add a few large-tonnage units including 6t and 8t equipment. And we will definitely select SDLG products”, said Guo Xiaoming. 

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