Based on 13-year Partnership, Work Together in the New Era
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SDLG President Yu Mengsheng Visited Russia Market

Russia, a country that carries the heavy history and colorful memories!

Russia, a core market in which SDLG made the earliest presence and maintains its development!

Russia, a key country with historical development along the Belt & Road. 

13-year glory of SDLG in Russia

As the spring comes, Russia has entered the new stage of development. And SDLG has stepped into the crucial period of rapid and high-speed development in Russia. In April 2019, SDLG President Yu Mengsheng arrived in Moscow to pay a visit to Russia market. 

In the headquarters of the dealer, SDLG President Yu Mengsheng listened to the dealer’s report on the recent work, and gave great praise to the work in Russia market. Russia, as one of the key overseas markets of SDLG, is also a core market of the company. 

In the past 13 years, thanks to the exquisite operations of its partner RBA, SDLG has achieved great development in Russia, thus becoming the leading player of China’s engineering machinery industry and making huge contributions to the reputation and quality of Made in China products. At the same time, RBA has also made brilliant results and become the leading company in engineering machinery industry in Russia. The two parties have secured win-win in their cooperation. 

As the bilateral relations between Russia and China develop, cooperation between the two parties has entered the new stage of historical development. Faced by the new opportunity of development, the two parties should enhance communications, get into close cooperation, core on higher market share, facilitate expansion of product lines, mine greater market potential, and improve the reputation of SDLG brand in Russia. 

SDLG President Mr. Yu pointed out that, though wonderful results have been made in Russia market, we should always have the sense of vigilance. There is still great potential in Russia market. In both strong market and weak market, the two parties should work hand in hand, analyze the situation carefully, communicate with each other to work out solutions and implement the solutions by showing perseverance. 

At the same time, SDLG brand has won extensive recognition from clients in Russia market. Customer satisfaction is the same pursuit of the two parties. It is hoped that RBA can continue to show dedication, diligence and pioneering spirit so as to lay the solid foundation for the in-depth cooperation between the two parties. 


Reliability in Action

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