SDLG Produced the 50t Hammer King Developed on Its Own
Release Date: 2019.04.26 Views: 311

On April 19, the E6500F large excavator Hammer King developed by SDLG on its own rolled off the production line. 

According to the precise market survey, SDLG has developed the Hammer King suitable for hammering working conditions in the mines. It is used together with the two-pump convergence, dual-filter core, the original quartering hammer pipe and EDT quartering hammer. 

Besides, the E6500F excavator Hammer King’s power, hydraulic and working systems are optimized by SDLG Technical Center. The high-strength market test in the preliminary period proved the hammering efficiency has reached the leading level in the same class. 

As the construction machinery market keeps developing, the working-condition demands are also experiencing great changes. There is higher requirements and standards of large excavators equipped with heavy quartering hammers. The roll-off of this star product caters to the market demand while serving the market and clients with reliable quality and wonderful performance. 

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