New-generation Loader B877T of SDLG Launched in Oman Market
Release Date: 2019.04.30 Views: 290

At present, the exhibition hall in provisional dealer Genserv of SDLG in Oman was bright and crowded with people. Accompanied by the pleasant music, the cloth slipped down slowly to reveal B877T, the new-generation loader of SDLG expected long by clients. The super-large driving space, the comfortable operating mechanism complying with ergonomics, and the pleasant appearance design immediately attracted the eyes of more than 200 clients. 

At the press conference, rainfall came most unexpectedly in the region featured by drought and less rains, bringing great vigor to the hot land. Together with the rain, another star product of SDLG shone brilliant in the local market.  

B877F excavating loader is another new product released locally after L958F, L956F, LG946L, LG936L, G9220 and other products of SDLG were released successfully in Oman. 

Characteristics of B877F

Innovative power transmission system; the anteverted arrangement produces the streamlined engine hood featuring low front and high rear, thus improving vision and easy observation of the working posture of the bucket in loading operations. The symmetrical oil tank, the tool kit, battery box, fender and other periphery accessories are designed in low position, thus producing low gravity center and wonderful stability. The machine has coordinated and balanced appearance, thus producing the exceptional symmetry aesthetics. 

The turbocharged engine, with low emission and fuel consumption, has more than 95 horse power and large torque reserve. It can provide robust power even in the most difficult job. 

It is equipped with rational hydraulic torque converter, which works together with four-level simultaneous gear shift or power shift transmission, ensuring the 37km/h highest speed. With the function of power cut, it is equipped with the best lifting match, flexible response and easy slope climbing. 

Based on the spacious and streamline driver’s cabin with modern industrial design philosophy, it has characteristics of both low noise and low vibration. 

As the overseas products become more homogenization and as price competition becomes fiercer, SDLG products, thanks to the exceptional performance, reliable quality, improved and efficient service system, have won praise and trust from many clients in Oman. 

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