[Top Drivers] 2019 SDLG Top Drivers in Russia Campaign Was Initiated
Release Date: 2019.05.08 Views: 224

Though in spring, it was still cold in Irkutsk in April. However, the 25th Siberia Transport and Road Special Equipment Exhibition was crowded with people. During the exhibition period, 2019 SDLG Top Drivers Campaign was initiated.


SDLG and its dealers exhibited the all series products, including levelers, loaders, road rollers, excavators, special implements, parts and components and post-market service, etc. Nearly 100 guests were present to experience the equipment, talk with sales consultant or bring their kids to feel the culture of SDLG.

20 construction machinery operators, who were selected from many in Siberia and the Far East, gathered there to receive professional skill training program provided by SDLG and its dealers. Moreover, they shared experience and competed in the campaign to lead the new trend of local development of operators.

The top three drivers were Zhdanov, Dennis and Vadim.

While winning the award, they also received the skill certificate from SDLG. One winning operator said excitedly in the media interview after the competition,“I have been operating loaders for 11 years. But I never imagined that I can participate in such a charity event of Top Drivers. Here I feel the glory of workers and respect. I wish to thank SDLG”.

Since 2016, the charity activity of SDLG Top Drivers has been held for 4 sessions, which train over 1,400 operators. The campaign also joined hands with dealers and top drivers to help and donate to children in the welfare houses. The campaign, while facilitating local industrial development and social harmony, also contributes to upgrading the image of China’s manufacturing industry.