SDLG Produced RS6260 Hydraulic Single-drive Road Roller Developed on Its Own
Release Date: 2019.05.19 Views: 275

Days ago, two RS6260 hydraulic single-drive steel-vibrating road rollers, manufactured by SDLG Loader BD, rolled off the assembly line and passed the review.

RS6260 is the cost-saving heavy hydraulic single-drive steel-vibrating road roller developed by SDLG on its own. It can effectively compact various kinds of soil layers and rock fills.


The vehicle is equipped with Rexroth (Linde) hydraulic system to realize all-hydraulic drive. The gear shift is smooth without sense of impact. With advantages such as exceptional maintenance, easy operation and low working intensity, the model takes the leading position in the industry. 

Compared with other products of the same kind in China, it has stronger bearing capacity and better reliability, thus becoming the ideal compacting equipment for highways, airports, airports, railways, dams and industrial sites.

Now it is the busy season in the market,which brings huge production tasks. The workshop, in spite of the heavy task, works closely with staff in techniques, technologies and quality control, cooperating to study and solve various problems in the assembly process and ensure the normal assembly of products. The successful launch of RS6260 hydraulic single-drive road roller lays the solid foundation for future reform and batch production of the machine. 

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