[Customer Service Care] SDLG Completed Customer Service Care in Russia
Release Date: 2019.05.22 Views: 270

In May 2018, SDLG kicked off the Customer Service Care themed on “Limitless Care”. In June, SDLG Export & Import and its dealers launched, at CTT in Russia, the plan of one-year Customer Service Care in Russia.


With professional service team and proficient service skill, the activity brings the considerate service for clients to help them solve problems.

Over the past year, the team made visits to clients in spite of cold weather and difficulties. They practiced the service commitment of “all process, whole-hearted and all for you”, and established the SDLG image of Reliability in Action so that clients get most considerate care from SDLG.


The visit started with Blagoveshchensk and stretched to the west, passing Irkutsk, Novosibirsk and the Ural Mountains before going north to St. Petersburg and Vologda. Then they went south to Novovoronezh and Krasnodar. In total, they travelled more than 12,000km and visited nearly 200 customers and 500 units, covering over 20 working conditions such as coal mines, sand fields, chemical factories, timber plant, stone mines and garbage treatment plants, etc. 

Moreover, they provided nearly 40 pieces of quality feedbacks and product-upgrading proposals, thus providing strong data support for future upgrading of product quality and for adaptive analysis of product working conditions.


During the visit, the service staff made three-in-one inspection experience. SDLG provides free-of-charge machine maintenance for clients, free-of-charge maintenance training for operators and holistic troubleshooting for machines to eliminate potential problems.

With their actions, the visiting team helped customers experience the customer care from SDLG. The customers also gave praise to the products and services of SDLG.

The end of Customer Service Care Russia Station actually kicks off SDLG commitment of “all process, whole-hearted and all for you”. The 2019 service visit campaign, themed on Sharing & Caring, will be soon initiated.

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