More Than 300 Media Gathered in SDLG to Report on Its Innovations
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On May 9, SDLG received the most-cherished delegation of more than 300 media, e.g.,,, Cankao Xiaoxi Press of Xinhua News Agency, PLA Daily Press, Workers’ Daily Press and ifeng, etc. The media came to SDLG to report on its innovation results in shifting the old dynamics to new ones. SDLG Deputy Party Secretary Zhou Weisheng headed his colleagues to give warm reception to the delegation.

SDLG Deputy Party Secretary Zhou Weisheng and the visitors

With global vision, SDLG makes its strategies. Aiming at the world’s famous manufacturers as its benchmark, SDLG follows the core value “efficiency priority and leading technologies” and works hard to realize leap-forward development. In recent years, as required by Made in China 2025, SDLG has made detailed measures to speed up development, It keeps upgrading automatic, digital, networked and intelligent development in corporate operations and management, thus moving towards the target of intelligent manufacturing and Smart SDLG, etc.

High-tech SDLG: Made in Chin & Intelligent Manufacturing in China

The delegation first came to SDLG’s Tech Exhibition. The media journalists observed with their own eyes the latest tech results made by SDLG in accelerating industrialization merging with information, pushing forward engineering machinery industrial cluster + AI, and realizing high-quality development. In this period, SDLG Big Data Processing Data aroused keen interest from the delegation members. 


Watch SDLG video clip

SDLG Big Data Processing Center is composed of 163 sub centers spread across China and SDLG headquarters. It can, on the real-time basis, monitor operation of 150,000 units in China while providing clients with all-industrial-chain and whole-process solutions to construction. As the important result of SDLG to facilitate shift from old dynamics to new ones, it implements merging of industrialization and information while facilitating SDLG reforms in R&D, marketing and service, etc. 


Big Data Processing Center

In the exhibition zone of core parts and components, the media journalists saw the SDLG-developed main control valve for excavators, fully-automatic transmission, new-generation wet differential drive axle, high0end driver’s cabin and other core parts and components of high-end construction machinery.

For long, the main control valve (equivalent to heart of the excavator) had been monopolized by overseas brands. Nowadays, the main control valve developed by SDLG has reached the world level. Besides, the series main control valve has realized batch production. LCV36E electric main control valve represents the high level in the industry.

In the Future Exhibition Hall, driver sat on the driver seat placed in the hall to easily operate an excavator working in a mine 100km away. The screen reveals no one was in the driver’s cabin. But the excavator drove forward and backward, rotated, excavated and loaded. The movements were so flexible as if someone was operating it in the driver’s cabin. 


SDLG 5G remote-control intelligent driving

SDLG 5G remote-control intelligent excavator realizes excavating operations in complex environment so that construction machinery can work in more complex and dangerous construction environment. More important, it makes possible the intelligent production and unmanned construction site in the future, thus changing the development model of engineering machinery industry and pushing forward transformation and upgrading of machinery manufacturing in China. 


See comprehensive and intelligent solutions of SDLG

Smart SDLG: Innovation-driven and high-quality development

On the site of SDLG’s intelligent manufacturing project of large excavators, the journalists learned the capacity plan, technical equipment, quality control, automation and information development in the workshop. 


Media delegation was visiting SDLG’s intelligent manufacturing workshop

SDLG’s excavator intelligent manufacturing workshop mainly produces large excavator frame. The workshop uses the world-leading SAP information management system, which covers all fields in SDLG production and operation and realizes automatic collection and analysis of various information of production, quality and control, etc. to ensure SDLG can customize production according to user demands, realize visualized management ranging from order receiving to delivery, and make sure delivery period and stock management of SDLG products take the leading position in the industry. 


SDLG’s intelligent manufacturing workshop

To secure high-quality management, SDLG has made 3+1 product line to realize its development strategy focusing on loaders, excavators, road machinery and other product lines and the core parts and components, thus realizing the product cluster, modern technologies, efficient management and international development of SDLG.

Innovative SDLG

The delegation came to the excavator assembly workshop, where they saw many technical reform projects marked with names. They showed keen interest in it, and were told it was originated from SDLG’s innovative management model.

In 2014, SDLG Chairman Wang Zhizhong proposed the innovative management model featuring “all involvement”, “management innovation and technical innovation”, and “combination of management, technicians and workers”. The innovative management model fulfils SDLG’s development philosophy of “efficiency priority and leading technologies”. It is the dynamics code of SDLG in the New Normal to secure high-quality and sustainable development. Chairman Wang Zhizhong believes, “Innovation needs to combine forces of various parties and the management should have leading philosophy, information and resources. The technicians need to have instruments and methods to solve problems. The workers can easily sense the problems. The problems they raise can hit the point and be practical. By combining the strong points of the three parties, we can make up for the short points and achieve the effect that 1+1+1>3, thus exerting the maximum positive energy of the team.”

SDLG’s innovative management model is cored on innovations. No good performance is available without innovations. The process of making innovations is the process of upgrading excellent performance management. Nowadays, when you walk into any workshop in SDLG, you can sense the strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship and passion for intelligent development. Here, each product line has its own innovation spotlight. Continuous improvement and innovation have become a habit penetrated in the gene of the enterprise and blood of each SDLG employee.

SDLG keeps realizing leap-forward development thanks to its strategic positioning: the world vision, international standard, SDLG features and high-quality development. It adheres to efficiency and innovation, realizes effective development in R&D, operation, production, marketing, HR and organizing, and sticks to technical and management innovation.

After the visit was completed, the delegation members gave their best wishes, hoping SDLG can continue to focus on world-leading level, speed up innovations and make greater contributions for China manufacturing to move to high and middle-end industrial chain in the world. 

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