Evaluation of SDLG Excavator E655F | Agile and Stable Model
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It is said dragon has nine sons, which are different from each other. SDLG, headquartered in Linyi known as the place of origin of the Chinese civilization, has nine products equivalent to the nine sons of dragon. If you compare these nine products with the nine sons of dragon, you can find many similarities. You might wonder they are the sons of dragon left in the mortal world. 


Suanni, with lion’s head and dragon’s body, is one of the auspicious animals in ancient China. As one of the dragon sons, it has composed character that loves tranquility. E655F excavator of SDLG, which adopts the quiet design, has only 70.4 decibel in the driver’s cabin in the operating state. 


The hero in the article, E655F nicknamed as Suanni, one of the dragon sons.


In the construction work with small scale, narrow operating zone and complex conditions, medium and large excavators would find it difficult to cope with the situation. 

Small excavators’ adaptation to working conditions greatly improves construction efficiency, making them gain an important position in the construction.

With compact structure, small excavators need to carry many functions in their small body. As a result, for construction machinery manufacturers, R&D and production of small excavators poses a great challenge and test.

As the technical leader in the industry, SDLG is dedicated to developing and producing all-series excavators. Its star product E655F not only has compact and solid frame design, but also has robust power and excavating force rarely seen in small excavators. Since launched in the market, it enjoys wonderful reputation in the industry.

How big power is hidden in its small body?

YOYO, the journalist from SDLG Convergence Media Center, helps you experience the product from the perspectives of adaptation to working conditions, working efficiency, operation convenience and reliability, etc.

1. Compact design makes it adapt to various working conditions

As a 6t small excavator, its design philosophy highlights flexibility, agility and multiple purposes. 

E655F uses the compact body design. The upper frame width is only 1,870mm with the tail revolution radius at only 1,670mm. It can adapt to most of the narrow working sites so as to prevent from collision and interference by obstacles.

As a result, the model has extensive scope of application, including construction site, municipal construction, farmland renovation, garden engineering, and pipeline laying, etc. 


The bulldozing plate can help with road surface leveling and materials piling. It can also be used to maintain the machine balance and stability when necessary.

2. Robust power and exceptional efficiency

A powerful engine secures the effective work of the machine. SDLG E655F, equipped with Kubota V2607 engine, considers both energy efficiency and environment while producing the robust power for the machine. The engine has the automatic idling, meaning it gets into the idling state automatically if it stops work in five seconds. Besides, because of the mature technologies and high market penetration of Kubota engines, the clients find it easier to repair and maintain the model in their routine use.


E655F parameters


At present, China is having stricter supervision of the emissions of non-road machines. The clients pay great attention to whether the engine emissions can reach the required standard. The engine emission of SDLG E655F reaches China Emission Standard III, which can meet the requirements in most regions in China. 


Though small excavators don’t produce large earth volume, their working efficiency is quite important. The revolution speed, working scope and excavating force of SDLG’s E655F give it certain advantages among the same-class products. In this way, it can produce better efficiency in such operations as revolution and excavation, etc.

3. Precise operation and wonderful control

Small excavators operate with small working surface, some materials are trivial and scattered. As a result, the control performance and minor movement performance become the technical indicators most cared by clients.

SDLG’s E655F is equipped with the load sensitive hydraulic system that is mainly used in same-class products. Adopting the leading-ratio control approach, it moves more gently in the work, thus improving the coordination and control in the compound movement. It can work freely in the precise construction tasks.

4. Considering both reliability and stability

Construction machinery is the typical outdoor worker. It has to experience all weathers and make the high-strength operations. As a result, the strong body is inevitable. In product design and manufacturing process, SDLG’s E655F focuses on improving reliability and stability so that it becomes the trustworthy partner of the client. 


The upper frame of SDLG’s E655F adopts the overall welding and the high-strength T-shaped structure featuring even load distribution. The unique lightweight chassis structure improves the vehicle stability and strong bearing capacity.

The working device of excavators is featured by heavy work load and vulnerability to damage. The working device of SDLG’s E655F uses the high-strength steel plates featuring great tensile. The axis support adopts the cast parts with the middle part welded with large-interface insulating plate. After the high-strength and large-load fatigue test, the product is reliable and durable. 


SDLG’s E655F is a star product combining efficiency, energy saving and reliability. I believe you have been conquered by these highlights of E655F.

The dragon has other sons, e.g., Qiuniu, Chaofeng and Pulao, etc. Which SDLG products are they corresponding to? In the following articles, SDLG’s Convergence Media journalists will tell you the answer.

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 [Li Xiao, Brand Communication Department]

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