SDLG Chairman Wang Zhizhong: New Opportunities, Situation and Development
Release Date: 2019.06.25 Views: 392

Days ago, SDLG Chairman Wang Zhizhong visited Yunnan market, who was accompanied by Chairman Shen Rongguang of Kunrong Corporation, dealer of SDLG in Yunnan and General Manager Sun Yanbin of SDLG Marketing Company, Southwestern China.  

Principals of Kunrong Corporation and Jie’ao Corporation of Yunnan recalled the past decade and more when cooperating with SDLG, which was themed on “loving SDLG and ensuring 3+2”. Together, they would move towards the goal of “world vision, global SDLG, characteristics of SDLG and high-quality development”.  Chairman Shen Rongguang said he is lucky to become the dealer of SDLG. In the future, he will continue to work hard to sell more SDLG products so that users will have greater trust in SDLG brand, thus facilitating its international development.

Reliable SDLG consolidates conviction towards targets

During the visit, SDLG Chairman Wang Zhizhong emphasized that domestic and international situation and industrial development reveal loader brands are becoming more concentrated while Chinese excavator brands are gaining larger market share, thus providing favorable conditions for the 3+2 target. It is necessary to grasp the opportunity, work diligently and fulfill the SDLG spirit featured by reliability. 

Chairman Wang Zhizhong pointed out, though construction machinery is the traditional industry, the market prospect is still quite huge. We should have confidence in market development and do well the market operations. Confronted with the market environment, SDLG should have passion, grasp the opportunity brought by shift from old dynamics to new ones, work hard to find the new growth points, ensure healthy operations and realize high-quality development.

Enhance innovations in niche market and win the 3+2 campaign

During the visit, Chairman Wang Zhizhong proposed three-step approach for Kunrong Corporation and Jie’ao Corporation of Yunnan.

Three-step approach

First, it is necessary to ensure balanced market development, keep staying in the niche market, speed up gaining larger market share, keep abreast of market changes and continue to enhance influence of SDLG brand.

Second, it is imperative to enhance innovations, transformations and upgrading and make sure SDLG plays the role of benchmark of its core channels.

Third, SDLG should maintain its confidence in victory, focus on the market and work hard to win the 3+2 campaign.

By making the visit, SDLG Chairman Wang Zhizhong helped improve convictions and confidence of personnel in Yunnan channels. Facing new opportunities, new situation and new development, SDLG Yunnan will make most satisfying results in 2019. 

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