SDLG Acted Quickly for Changning Earthquake in Sichuan
SDLG Was Actively Involved in Rescue Efforts in Changning
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At 22:55 on June 17, 2019, the 6.0 Richter Scale earthquake hit Changning County in Yibin of Sichuan Province (at 104.90 eastern longitude and 28.34 northern latitude), with the source depth at 16km. According to CENC statistics, between 23:25 on June 22 and 08:28 on June 23, five earthquakes above 3.0 magnitude Richter Scale and one earthquake above magnitude Richter Scale were recorded in Gongxian County and Changning, 


Earthquake scene

After the earthquake broke out, the Ministry of Emergency Management of China, CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and Sichuan Provincial Government immediately initiated the emergency response. The Sichuan Department of Emergency Management, Sichuan Brigade of Fire Service and Rescue, and National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration made joint efforts in the search and rescue.

At this moment when all parties were making rescue efforts, SDLG was active to fulfill its CSR by engaging in the earthquake relief.

Four SDLG units worked in rescue

After the earthquake broke out, Sichuan Baizhong Machinery Co., Ltd., the dealer of SDLG, mobilized two E6135F excavators and two E6250F excavators to reach the quake-hit area for road clearance and rescue, trying to save life out of the disaster. 


CCTV News reported SDLG contributions to the rescue

SDLG provided supplies for quake-stricken people


Changning earthquake aroused actions from all walks of life. SDLG, always dedicated to charity, keeps in mind its mission and starts the action immediately.

Sichuan Baizhong Machinery Co., Ltd., the dealer of SDLG, immediately established the rescue team. All staff and service vehicles of its branch in Yibin received order from Sichuan Disease Control Center and Shuanghe Town People’s Government. They reached the most-stricken Shuanghe Town in Changning County and got involved in rescue and post-disaster building, providing water, food, tent and other basic supplies to the disaster-stricken people. 


Reliable SDLG staff working

We are always acting in rescue

When disasters broke out, e.g., Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake, landslide in Min County of Gansu, flood in Weifang and explosion in Xiangshui, SDLG fulfilled its CSR actively and cooperated with local governments to act quickly in disaster relief.

In the process of post-disaster rebuilding, SDLG products are not only reliable units, but also carry the firm conviction of SDLG people to work together with local people and live through all difficulties. With powerful steel & iron arms, SDLG underpins the hope and beautiful future with the spirit of reliability.

SDLG always stays with disaster-stricken people!

Changning, Cheer up!

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