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When touring places of interest, we often see a tortoise-like animal carrying a high monument on its back. This animal is called Baxi, the son of dragon. Today, let’s talk about its story. 


Baxia, also known as Bixi, Guifu and Longgui, is said to be the mythical animal in the Ancient Era. It has the following legend. In the Ancient Era, Baxia often carried mountains on its back to bring natural disasters in the seas, rivers and lakes. In the period of Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, Dayu tamed the flood and Baxia at the same time. 


Baxia is causing flood

Ever since then, Baxia started to follow Dayu to dredge the rivers and dig mountains for the benefit of people. After Dayu tamed the flood, he was afraid Baxia would again become a troublemaker, he moved a huge stone monument onto its back, which recorded the flood-taming merits. Since then, Baxia has become a monument-carrying animal.

In the modern times, Baxia, just like the other auspicious animals, is interpreted in more ways. It has the mission of carrying the stone monument, always faces forward and lifts its head. Four feet of Baxia stand on the ground firmly, representing the Chinese spirit of never yielding and morals. Its image matches perfectly with SDLG’s brand philosophy of Reliability in Action.

Of the many product series in SDLG, there is also one product proficient in carrying things. This is E6360F. Weighing nearly 38t, it works in various mines and lives up to the expectations of clients, mining wealth and value for the owners, who believe it is also an auspicious animal like Baxia.


As a large excavator positioned in mine scenarios, E6360F is an updated product for various poor working conditions on the basis of VOLVO’s advanced design and manufacturing technologies. Adopting high-end configurations, global purchase and meticulous manufacturing, it secures the high reliability and rate of returns.

Now let’s have in-depth understanding of its power system, hydraulic system, driver’s cabin and structural components, etc.

  1. 205kW engine with China Emission Standard III provides robust power

Engine is the core that drives the machine. E6360F adopts the SD130A efficient diesel engine that meets the China Emission Standard III, which effectively reduces emission and considerably improve operating performance and fuel efficiency. 


The mines have poor working environment and dense dust, resulting in uncertain fuel supply. As a result, E6360F is equipped with oil-bath air filter to effectively prevent dust and smoke from entering the engine and improve engine reliability. The three-level fuel filter and motor oil filter considerably reduce the impurities in the engine, thus establishing long-term protection for the engine.

2. Duel-pump constant power hydraulic system secures efficient output

E6360F is equipped with dual-pump constant power negative flow control hydraulic system, which provides larger hydraulic flow for executing components so as to shorten the cycle operating time. 


The confluent system, long arm priority, short arm priority, revolution priority and long/short arm hydraulic flow rapid return system ensure the wonderful product performance.

3. The luxury driver’s cabin ensures comfort and safety

The working conditions in mines are inevitably featured by high vibration and noise. As a result, comfortable and safe driver’s cabin can ensure efficiency and safety of operators. 


Driver’s cabin of E6360F is equipped with five-point silicon oil damper apparatus, which reduces vibration and impact in the driver’s cabin. The sound-absorbing lining can better reduce noise. The protective net on the top, front and lower parts provide safe and comfortable driving/riding environment. The automatic control AC can supply pressurized and filtered air to the driver’s cabin while effectively insulating smoke and dust pollution.

4. Reinforced structural parts upgrade the reliability 

In terms of structural parts, E6360F has its working devices and up/down frames completely reinforced, thus resulting in better durability and robust structure. 


E6360F is equipped with HD long and short arms, made of premium steel. The key parts use the high-strength steel while the important parts are welded by robots. The junction parts with large stress and wearable parts are reinforced. The up/down frames adopt the reinforced design to cater to the bad working conditions. As a result, the machine has better reliability and stability.

E6360F is such a product for important tasks. It is believed that you now have deeper impression on it.

What are the SDLG machines that represent the other sons of dragon such as Chiwen. We will discuss it in the future.

Coming soon.

 (By Li Xiao, Convergence Media, SDLG)

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