[Reports on 10th Anniversary in Latin America] Cruise Inspection of L936/L938 in Brazil
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Tropical rainforests in Brazil are known as the Lung of the Earth, which provide premium timber for people’s life. L938 of SDLG, as the good helper of timber transport, is indispensable in all timber plants. To ensure the smooth operation of L938, SDLG Latin America service team made cruise inspection on the site of users. 


The service team, at first, visited the Brazil branch of world famous timber group ScanCom. Originated in Denmark, ScanCom established its branch in 2002 in Parana of Brazil. SDLG loaders make great contributions to its exceptional performance.

Manager Afranio of ScanCom Brazil was pleased and surprised at the cruise inspection by SDLG service team. He was even more surprised to receive the gift from SDLG celebrating its 10th anniversary in Latin America, saying “Our company started to use SDLG loaders in 2012. We have purchased six LG938L machines and one L938 machine. Because of the low cost and performance matching the international brands, we will continue to use SDLG machines. ”

Then the service team visited Guilherme, the owner of a primary timber processing factory. When first meeting the service team, he said his booming business in the past two years is attributed to the wonderful performance of L936 that has worked for over 2,000 hours without any repair. The timber unloading, transfer and sending timber to the rotary lathe are done by the machine. The timber skin is transferred to the drying field and to the warehouse by using the machine. L936 works eight hours a day without any breakdown.

Guilherme showed the SDLG service team to the workshop and demonstrated how L936 transferred timber quickly and precisely. 


At the same time, SDLG service manager made holistic check of L936 and reminded Guilherme of some points of attention in machine operation. He also asked Guilherme to secure machine maintenance, and contact the dealer directly for any need. 


The cruise inspection in timber plants in Brazil delivered product care to users so that they can use SDLG products in the most assured way. At the same time, the service team also collected users’ proposals on the product optimization. In this way, the product optimization design can consider personalized demands of different users, providing more demand input for optimizing and upgrading the products. 

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